23-Year-Old Mayor Whines About ‘Woke’ Effort to Topple His Trumpy Takeover

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A 23-year-old mayor who was accused of staging a coup to retake office last month after stepping down in 2022 amid an ethics scandal says he’s protecting the citizenry from “woke, liberal, mafioso-style people” foisting a leftist agenda on them.

“They want to attack me so they can put their own person on the city council and as mayor and push their liberal propaganda, their woke propaganda,” Hunter Larkin, the mayor of Goddard, Kansas, told talk radio host and former Republican state legislator John Whitmer.

Larkin’s two main political foes are both Republicans, but that did nothing to stop him from presenting himself as a crucial bulwark against progressivism, saying he was the one best suited to preserve Goddard’s traditional values.

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