A Badass Nun Fights AI Robots and Nazis in Gonzo ‘Mrs. Davis’ Trailer

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Mrs. Davis wants to talk to you.

Peacock has unveiled the bonkers trailer for Mrs. Davis, their new sci-fi show starring Betty Gilpin as a nun who fights AI. In honor of the show, we had ChatGPT write this entire article. Just kidding—we’re on the nun’s side. No AI allowed here.

From this first look, the show has a lot of Black Mirror vibes. Simone (Gilpin), a nun, has a conversation with another human being in the first scene—though this “human” quickly turns into a robot. She asks Simone if she can “proxy,” meaning, put an earbud in and allow the AI (Mrs. Davis) to feed her the words to say aloud. This woman won’t actually be a part of the conversation. She’ll just be mimicking whatever Mrs. Davis tells her to say.

The world seems pretty split on this whole phenomenon. Some lawfully abide by Mrs. Davis’ requests, putting her in their ear during every conversation. Others, including Simone, worry for the power Mrs. Davis is amassing. What happens when everyone in the world uses Mrs. Davis? Won’t the world just become, well, whatever Mrs. Davis wants it to be?

Simone is “the only person on this planet who can fulfill this quest,” a voice says in the trailer. Why? Well, she’s a nun. Mrs. Davis has kind of replaced God in this trailer, so it makes sense that a nun would take particular issue with her throwing another popular all-knowing being off his pedestal. And if that’s not enough, through other humans proxying for Mrs. Davis, Simone learns she’ll have to find the Holy Grail to save humanity. (Nazis are involved.)

“Everyone you meet is only trying to push you into doing what it wants,” Wiley (Jake McDorman), another character in the show, warns Simone.

The series boasts a stacked team behind the scenes. The Big Bang Theory’s Tara Hernandez serves as showrunner, with TV legend Damon Lindelof (of Watchmen, The Leftovers, and Lost) as writer and executive producer. Black Mirror: San Junipero’s Owen Harris is set to direct a handful of episodes, including the pilot.

Mrs. Davis will have its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival on Tuesday evening. Then, the series will premiere with four episodes on Apr. 20 on Peacock, with new episodes coming weekly.

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