AOC’s Met Gala Dress Furor Shows Why the Public Don’t Trust Politicians

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Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Reuters

It was the perfect fairytale.

28-year old democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a waitress from the Bronx, topples moderate machine politician. Her win, billed as a victory for the extreme left, over the middle. Good versus evil. In reality, the victory was largely owed to low turnout and an opponent who not only didn’t campaign or take the election seriously, but also didn’t live in the district.

But putting those inconvenient details aside, AOC had her fairy tale moment. Her favorite lipstick flew off shelves, her selfie-videos went viral, and overnight she became the standard bearer for democratic socialism in America (that last part, it’s worth noting, is only prized for a teeny tiny fraction of, mostly woke 18-25 year olds, but nevertheless an accomplishment). The mere presence of the now 33-year old sends Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer quaking. The far left can’t get enough of her, and the far right loves to hate her.

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