Arizona Has Its Own Big Lie. This Man Is Fighting Back.

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Alberto Mariani/AP

A former high school art teacher is leading a bipartisan effort to recall an elected official for shirking his lawful duty and perpetuating a Trumpian fiction about voter fraud in Cochise County, Arizona.

“It’s the far-reaching effects of ‘The Big Lie,’” Eric Suchodolski, 53, of Sierra Vista, told The Daily Beast. “It’s basically seeped into the fabric of a nice place like this.”

From what Suchosdolski can tell, County Supervisor Tom Crosby, a Republican, was seeking to create “something from nothing” when he called the county’s voting machines into question shortly before the election in November. Crosby—a former border patrol agent—and his allies complained that the machines were not certified and continued to voice doubts after the state documented otherwise. Crosby’s crew contended that the signatures were in the wrong place.

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