‘Barry’ Is Still Darkly Hilarious—and the Best Show on TV

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In 2022, we’re all going freelance. Hitmen included. The gig economy has a far reach.

It seems like a lifetime ago when Barry premiered (2018, if we were ever so young), and in that time, Bill Hader’s well-meaning, tortured assassin-turned-aspiring actor has made great strides. He’s also stuck in neutral. At the end of last season, he was happy with his girlfriend Sally (Sarah Goldberg) and landed an audition with a major Hollywood director. He also committed a massacre while his mentor Gene (Henry Winkler) learned that he murdered the love of his life. Baby steps.

Gruesome as it is, there’s a familiarity to Barry’s weary “I can’t believe I’m still doing this shit” introduction at the beginning of Barry Season 3, which premieres Sunday night. It just so happens that his labored, beleaguered sighs are in reference to yet another assignment to kill someone and the bored “let’s just get it over with” has to do with murder and not sending an overdue email. That familiarity is one part of Barry’s genius. The other is never relenting on how intense those circumstances are.

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