Breathe Easy in These Face Masks With Filters

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Finding the right face mask can be trickier than it seems. There are face masks with nose clips, washable face masks, packs of bulk face masks, more breathable face masks, well, you get the idea. But the most important part of a face mask is that it blocks more particles from entering your mask. This is where a filter comes in. Think of a filter as another layer of fabric, blocking particles from entering your lungs. Unlike more and more layers though, a filter makes it easier to breathe, and will prevent overheating. You can use a lot of things for a filter, while HEPA filters are the most effective, coffee filters work well, too. To help you get a face mask with a filter, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites with filter pockets. 

VIDA Face Mask: Vida makes some of our favorite face masks and you better believe they have filters. Each mask comes with a multilayer filter with three added layers of protection. They should be replaced every seven days, and you can buy replacement filters here

VIDA Face Mask

Wake Up & Fight Mask: This mask comes in a ton of different colors, has reinforced stitching and a nose wire for a secure fit, and a filter pocket that makes it easy to slide one in and out (but not too easy). 

Wake Up & Fight Mask

Ultra Soft Face Mask: Not only is this Scouted Contributor Chloe Valentine Toscano’s favorite stylish mask, but it is also the most functional one she owns, too. They come complete with everything, including nosewires, soft and stretchy cotton, and a filter pocket for added safety.

Ultra Soft Face Mask

Caraa Universal Face Mask: This is one of my favorite face masks. Not only does it have a nice big filter pocket, it also has ear loop fasteners and a nose wire to ensure that the mask stays on your face. 

Caraa Universal Face Mask

Aeropress coffee filters: If you’re looking for more filters, we recommend Aeropress filters. Put three into the filter pocket of your mask at once, and you should be all set. 

Aeropress Coffee Filters

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