Nightlife vet Steve Lewis back in the DJ booth after brain tumor surgery

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After a bleak year, there will be an uplifting sight at an upcoming birthday bash.

Not only are New Yorkers back in nightclubs, but we’re told nightlife legend Steve Lewis — who, as Page Six reported, recently had a brain tumor removed — will be in the DJ booth fellow nightlife vet Noel Ashman’s birthday party next Thursday.

We’re told Lewis, who has operated such vaunted clubs as Limelight, Club USA and Palladium, is fully recovered from the April operation and will man the decks once more at the bash.

“After being in a dark place for a very long time, I feel honored to DJ for friends and family,” Lewis told Page Six, “plus I had to come back to life to make sure that Noel didn’t f–k up his birthday.”

He also received a brain artery bypass and a hip replacement, and a GoFundMe page raised $35,000 to help with his recovery.

The page noted, “Steve single handedly hired thousands of individuals from bar tenders, promoters, bus boys, door people, mascots, go-go dancers, drag queens, DJs, liquor distributors, printers, contractors, not to mention his never ending roster of assistants, contributing greatly to NYC nightlife’s economic vitality as well as his staff’s livelihoods, career growth and opportunities.”

The party is being hosted by actor William De Meo, famed private detective Bo Dietl and Vanity Fair stalwart George Wayne, and will also celebrate the birthdays of “Sopranos” star Vincent Pastore and model Caron Bernstein.

Ashman is currently producing a movie starring Bruce Willis, Shannen Dougherty, Jesse Metcalf and Natalie Yura, we’re told.

Heather Thomson’s ‘race-baiter’ comment revives tension with Eboni K. Williams

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Heather Thomson may have quit the “Real Housewives of New York City” mid-season. But the bizarre, racially charged tension between Thomson and Eboni K. Williams persists off-camera, it seems.

Page Six has learned that the pair had it out in a phone conversation last week after Thomson jaw-droppingly said she “agreed” with an Internet commenter who called Williams a “race baiter.”

When Thomson — who has made occasional appearances on the Bravo since she stopped being a full-time cast member in 2015 — returned to the show this season, she positioned herself as an ally to Williams, attempting to help her to navigate her debut season as the show’s first-ever black cast member.

We’re told that she believed her experience working for fashion brands founded by black celebrities, including Diddy and Beyonce, would allow her to act as a “bridge” between Williams and her WASP-ier castmates.

But the plan blew up after Williams said in the press that Thomson’s intervention in a tense but productive discussion she had with veteran cast member Luann de Lesseps about race in last week’s episode did “more harm than good.”

In the interview, Williams accused Thomson of “whitesplaining” and attempting to be an unwanted “translator” for her.

On the show, Williams also said Thomson was guilty of a “micro-aggression” for patronizingly calling her “articulate.”

Scorned, Thomson turned dramatically on Williams.

In an Instagram comment, Thomson claimed that Williams’s feelings on the matter were not genuine, but an attempt to “change the narrative” to deflect attention from an ugly battle between Thomson’s and Williams’s pal and castmate, Leah McSweeney.

“It’s low and sad to see,” Thomson wrote, “I would have thought negative campaigning would be below Eboni buts she’s shown us that it is not.”

More stunning still, when a supporter of Thomson’s commented, “Eboni needs to go. She doesn’t fit and she’s a race baiter,” Thomson replied, “I have to agree with you. Hers is not a class I want to take.” (The comment was deleted, but not before it was captured by the Queens of Bravo account.)

We’re told the remark sparked a “conversation” between Williams and Thomson.

A source told us the comment, “was an error.”

“It was immediately taken down and Eboni and Heather have spoken about it personally,” they added.

Reps declined to comment.

Paolo Zampolli hosts oceans event at Kennedy Center

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Ambassador Paolo Zampolli and his wife Amanda Ungaro hosted a party in honor of the world’s oceans last week in D.C. at the Kennedy Center’s new expansion, the Reach.

The event was in honor of June 8th’s World Oceans Day — which fell on June 8 — and was attended by D.C. elite and international dignitaries including Rhode Island senator and chair of the Senate Oceans Caucus, Sheldon Whitehouse, Flavio Bolsanoro, a Brazilian senator and son of the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, and actor-turned-crypto-currency guru Brock Pierce.

Zampolli, a modelling agent and real estate guru, recently joined the board of the Kennedy Center. He also recently moved to D.C.

We’re told Kathleen Kennedy Townsend made a surprise appearance on stage and spoke for nearly 30 minutes.

According to guests, the oldest daughter of Bobby and Ethel Kennedy gave a touching speech about how much her uncle and Kennedy Center namesake, JFK, loved the oceans and how pleased he would have been that the Center had hosted the event.

According to the center’s Web site, the Reach is, “a place where visitors, audiences, and artists can come together for collaboration, experimentation, and exploration in the spirit of President Kennedy’s vision for a new frontier for the arts.”

Many of its spaces “have been named after historical and personal moments in his life as an expression of our role as his living memorial.”

The $250-million, 4.6-acre Reach opened in September 2019 with over 500 performances and events spread across two weeks of celebration.

Stars are back at Fresco by Scotto after it was shuttered by COVID

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After being shuttered by the pandemic, Fresco By Scotto is back to its star-studded self.

Back in December, “Good Day New York” host Rosanna Scotto, whose family owns the 57th Street power-dining spot, told us it was being “put on pause.”

“We tried our best, but Midtown is empty. We hope when people come back to work, we can reopen,” she added at the time.

The family also posted on social media, “We are filled with so much emotion… 27 years of meeting so many wonderful people at our restaurant.” The heartfelt message also thanked the “incredible staff.”

But the 28-year-old restaurant — which has undergone a major redesign to add more outdoor space — opened its doors once again this week.

The restaurant had a friends-and-family opening on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and it’ll be open to the public starting on the 15th.

Page Six is told Katie Couric, Wendy Williams, Kelly Ripa, Donny Deutsch, Steve Madden, songwriting guru Bruce Sussman and husband “Naughty but Nice” podcast host Rob Shuter all turned out for lunch on Thursday.

Rosanna told us, “We are excited to welcome everyone back to the newly designed Fresco by Scotto. My family and I are thrilled by the overwhelming response from all of our customers. We are back and better than ever. We are intrepid New Yorkers!”

The restaurant has been known as a favorite for political players of all stripes — from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie to George Pataki, Benjamin Netanyahu, John McCain and Rudy Giuliani, as well as old-school stars.

Austin McBroom-Bryce Hall fight drawing influencers to Miami in droves

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Last week we reported on the cyber-currency fanatics taking to the streets of Miami for a massive crypto conference — and a raging club scene that went with it.

And now it’s the turn of the social media stars to run amok in the city.

We’re told people are already starting to arrive for a bizarre event that will see TikTok stars fist fighting with YouTubers.

Organizers are expecting a slew of influencers with more than a billion followers between them at the Hard Rock hotel for the Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms boxing tournament on Saturday night.

They’re expecting guests including Trey Songz, Charli & Dixie ‘D’Amelio, Adin Ross, Julia Rose, Chelsea Briggs, Jeffree Star, Lil Yachty, Chase Hudson, Noah Beck and Jordyn Jones to see the main event, which will see TikToker Bryce Hall fight YouTube superstar Austin McBroom.

There are also planned performances by heavy-hitters DJ Khaled, Migos and Lil Baby.

“Never before have you seen a single event with the sheer numbers these influencers have; you’re looking at well over a billion followers between them,” said Robin Ellin, CEO of LiveXLive, which is promoting the event. “This is groundbreaking stuff, we’re setting records here while giving the fans a night of entertainment for the ages.”

The event’s available to watch on pay-per-view at the LiveXLive site.

The last “influencer fight” in Miami, with YouTuber Logan Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout, ended after eight three-minute rounds on Sunday. Paul was irked this week by the internet commentariat’s post-fight analysis, saying in his Instagram Stories, “Shut the f–k up, like just shut the f–k up, like stop trying to discredit what happened last night.”

Heather Thomson attempted to ‘fit in’ on ‘RHONY’ through Eboni K. Williams

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Insiders say that Heather Thomson tried to find herself a role on the “Real Housewives of New York” as a crusading moral ally to Eboni K. Williams. While some wonder whether she walked away from the show when the plan backfired, sources close to Thomson strenuously say that’s not the case.

Production sources say Thomson — a former full-time cast member who has made occasional appearances on the Bravo show over the last few seasons — doesn’t have an obvious clique among the regular cast, and she may have thought that backing Williams in her often-racially-tinged battles with the “Housewives” stars was a “way to fit in.” But it seems that her alleged efforts served only to alienate Williams.

On Tuesday’s episode of the show, Williams and series veteran Luann de Lesseps had an awkward rapprochement after Williams said de Lesseps had “triggered” her by calling her “angry” in an earlier confrontation, a word that conjured the ugly stereotype of the “angry black woman.”

While the pair seemed to be moving toward a resolution on their own, Thomson, 51, chimed in to offer advice on how de Lesseps should proceed — namely, by offering an apology to Williams without expecting to get one in return.

After the episode aired, Williams told Insider that “to have this white woman, despite her [good] intentions, step into the space of translator, it furthers a narrative that there’s some inability to connect with me directly in shared humanity.”

She said Thomson had done “more harm than good” during the discussion and accused her of “whitesplaining” on behalf of Williams.

Later in the episode Thomson condescendingly told Williams that she was “articulate,” which Williams immediately identified as a “microagression,” in spite of what she once again believed to be good intentions.

Insiders said that they believed Thomson had been “embarrassed” when her alleged play blew up in her face, and decided to stop filming.

“She started making excuses about why she couldn’t show up for shoots,” said an insider. We’re told she’s not planning to return to the set.

But sources close to Thomson told Page Six that far from seeking out a niche as an ally to Williams, producers had asked her to step into that role.

An insider said execs invited Thomson — who has worked for fashion companies founded by Beyonce and Diddy — back onto the show to “be a bridge” between Williams, who is the show’s first black cast member, and the WASP-ier veteran “Housewives” cast.

And they say that she certainly didn’t quit the show because she was embarrassed by the way things panned out with Williams.

“[Thomson quitting] had nothing to do with Eboni and everything to do with Leah,” said the source, referring to sophomore cast member Leah McSweeney.

The source said that McSweeney had been gunning for Thomson since before they even appeared on-air together.

McSweeney and Thomson had a nasty run-in on the show about whether McSweeney had a moral responsibility to vote in the 2020 election.

“Leah made her super uncomfortable and she didn’t want to deal with her,” said the source.

Reps didn’t comment.

76ers partner Michael Rubin sends Ace of Spades bubbly as party invites

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Page Six is told that 76ers owner Michael Rubin is planning a blowout July Fourth “white party” — and sent out more than 100 custom bottles of Jay-Z’s famed (and pricey) Ace of Spades champagne as invitations.

Rubin’s known for his Super Bowl bashes, which have featured performances by Cardi B, Migos, Chainsmokers and Post Malone.

But after this year’s football festivities were canceled, we’re told the mogul is putting his energies into the Independence Day party at his new Hamptons home.

We’re told regulars at his bashes — including Kevin Hart and Jay-Z — are likely on the guest list, as is Migos star Quavo.

Speaking of HOVA, Rubin sent out bottles of his bubbly — which usually comes in a black case — as invitations in custom white cases.

Bottles of the high-end brand usually go for around $500. Actor Ryan Phillippe posted a clip of himself opening Rubin’s champagne invitation to his Instagram Story with the caption, “The most baller invitation ever.”

“It’s been a long year and he’s just excited to be getting some friends together and having some fun,” said a source of the upcoming party.

The insider added, “His Super Bowl parties are legendary, so people are going to be expecting something on that level.”

The bash will also be something of a belated housewarming for Rubin’s $50 million Bridgehampton mansion, which — as Page Six first reported — he bought from HFZ Capital Group founder Ziel Feldman in January.

The Fanatics billionaire’s oceanfront manse on Dune Road is reportedly over 8,000 square feet, with seven bedrooms, four bathrooms and a pool on nearly 6.5 acres.

The invitations aren’t the extent of Rubin’s generosity lately. Earlier in the week Jay-Z, Meek Mill and Rubin got together to buy fellow Reform Alliance founder and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft a Bentley for his 80th birthday.

Reform Alliance aims to overhaul the probation and parole system.

Meantime, the Sixers are facing off against the Hawks in the NBA playoffs. Rubin has been courtside at the games with an assortment of VIP guests.

Tom Brady trading card could break his previous $2.5M auction record

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A rare Tom Brady trading card is going up for auction — and insiders believe it could break the $2.5 million record set by another of the QB’s cards.

Just months ago, Lelands auctioneer sold Tom Brady’s autographed 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket rookie card for a record-breaking $2.5 million.

And now the auctioneer has another copy of the card going under the hammer — but this one is in even better condition, it says.

Lelands says that the card was produced in 2000 with a print run of just 100 and that only seven exist in the same condition. It’s graded at a near-perfect “mint 9” level, according to the auctioneer.

The starting bid for the card was $750,000 and as of Friday, the bidding was up to $1,637,160 with 17 bidders trying their luck.

Bidding ends June 4.

After Brady’s historic seventh Super Bowl win with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the value to the card is expected to skyrocket.

According to the site, “Soon after Brady won the Super Bowl in February of 2021, a few owners of the other [cards in similar condition] were asked if they would accept $5 million for theirs, and each one declined.”

Brady, of course, cemented his claim as the greatest quarterback of all time after leading his new team to a championship victory. The superstar had already won six Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots, playing for the team from 2000 to 2019.

And Brady won’t be exiting the spotlight any time soon: Fox announced in May that it was in talks with the QB for a new unscripted series.

Shady journo Martin Bashir tried to interview Diddy after Diana

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Diddy’s former publicist says that the rapper dodged a bullet — after scandal-struck journalist Martin Bashir aggressively tried to land a blockbuster interview with the Bad Boy star.

Bashir was once Britain’s hot-shot reporter, wowing the world by landing blockbuster sit-downs with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.

But last year it was revealed that the British journo had used shady tactics — including allegedly falsifying documents — to convince Diana to do the 1995 interview.

Now, Diddy’s former longtime publicist Rob Shuter has revealed on his podcast “Naughty But Nice with Rob” that Puffy was the disgraced journalist’s next target.

And Shuter said that Bashir even “flirted” with him to try and win him over.

“Within months [of the 2004 Michael Jackson show] he called me himself to meet me to do Diddy,” said Shuter. “He wanted Diddy to be the next one in the trilogy. And I was such a Michael Jackson fantastic growing up, Martin Bashir calling me flattered my ego.”

“He took me to dinner at The Soho House. He worked me. He flirted with me. He emailed me. He played, he giggled all to get Diddy,” said Shuter.

But he said the rapper shut it down.

“So, I spoke to [Diddy] and was like ‘Martin Bashir wants to do you next after Michael Jackson.’ Puff was like ‘Hell no! I isn’t sitting down with him’.”

Shuter said that Diddy made the right call, “But I got to see Martin Bashir and I got to see how he worked. And how he manipulated and how he touched your knee when you were sitting there. Clearly he knew I was a gay boy. I’ve never ever had that happen. When Diane Sawyer would interview my clients, she didn’t touch my knee.”

Shuter — who also repped Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and many others over the years — said that Bashir sent flowers to his office.

“You would think we were dating. It was wild and creepy,” he said.

“I knew I was being played,” he said, “I knew it.”

Shuter’s currently working on a self-help book, “The Four Word Answer.”

Former ‘RHONJ’ cast member Daniel Provenzano must pay $222k to ex

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A court has ordered Mob-linked “Real Housewives of New Jersey” cult favorite Daniel Provenzano to pay his ex-girlfriend $222,978 in damages.

“RHONJ” fans may remember Provenzano as a friend-cum-bodyguard to controversial cast member Danielle Staub, who was by her side for many of her most jaw-dropping moments on the show including the infamous Posche fashion show brawl.

Cops, meanwhile, may remember him as a nephew of Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano, a captain in the Genovese crime family, and that he served more than four years in prison on racketeering charges in 2003 after allegedly using beatings and kidnappings to extort more than a dozen “business associates.”

Back in November 2018 cops told the Post that Provenzano and longtime girlfriend Patricia O’Neil had got into a fight in her Midtown apartment over money she allegedly loaned him to finance his animated film “Wiseguys and Whackjobs.” The NYPD said that Provenzano threw her to the ground and slammed a door on her arm.

In 2019, O’Neil sued Provenzano for “defamation and related claims,” because, she told Page Six on Friday, he had “spun a false narrative” about the circumstances of the violent run-in, casting her, as she put it to us, as a “spurned woman.”

Meanwhile, according to court papers, Provenzano had threatened her life and assaulted her.

But Provenzano never responded to the suit, and in October 2020 judge Edgaro Ramos issued a default judgement ordering him to pay “$222,978.00 in compensatory and punitive damages” to O’Neil.

Provenzano appealed, but on May 18 a judge dismissed the appeal because Provenzano once again failed to engage with the appeal process.

In 2017 Provenzano sued “Sopranos” star Vincent Pastore for failing to show up for a three-day shoot in 2013, where Provenzano planned to have Pastore star in a TV pilot, “Manhattan, Kansas.”

Neither Provenzano nor his attorney responded to requests for comment.

David Spade slides into Belinda Russell’s DMs as ‘Alex Rodriguez’

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“Saturday Night Live” legend Dave Spade made a cheeky — and characteristically hilarious — pass at a gorgeous Aussie newsreader, by “posing” as A-Rod.

The former slugger made news last week when “Today Extra” anchor Belinda Russell revealed that — amid his break-up with Jennifer Lopez — he direct-messaged her on Instagram to compliment her TikTok account, saying “great content.”

Then, a few days later, she revealed that Spade had kidded around with her, pretending to try and benefit from A-Rod’s DM game.

Russell said on the show that Spade had sent her an Instragram message saying, “Hey. It’s ARod. New phone.”

Married Russell — who seems ready to put the A-Rod “scandal” behind her — called Spade the “The King of Comedy” and said he had “delivered us the perfect punchline for history to be over.”

Meanwhile, a rep for A Rod claimed that it wasn’t the former Yankee who sent the message to Russell in the first place.

E! reported that a rep for Rodriguez was “not the one who reached out to Belinda. Instead, his daughters — Natasha, 16, and Elle, 13 — got in contact with the media personality through his social media account.”

The rep claimed to E! the two US-based teen are “big fans” of the Australian TV host.

Of course, Rodriguez and Lopez broke off their two-year engagement in April, with Rodriguez’s phone habits contributing. A source told Page Six in March that Rodriguez’s FaceTiming with “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy “was the reason they finally broke up. There were already problems, but Jennifer was really embarrassed by it.”

She’s now dating former flame Ben Affleck.

Mark Cuban says it ‘hurts’ when he has to trade Mavericks players

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Mark Cuban isn’t all business.

While the billionaire can doubtless be hard-nosed in the boardroom, he told the “Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn” podcast that he “hates” trading away players as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

“I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it,” Cuban said. “It hurts, but I tell myself it’s like they’re getting transferred to another office in the same company. ‘Oh yeah, we’re just transferring you to Sacramento.’”

But Cuban — who bought the majority stake in the team in 2000 and is known as a passionate and hands-on owner — says that as rough an experience as trades may be for him, he also feels for the players.

“It’s not easy, because just like if you got transferred at work, you’ve got to uproot your family and deal with all the hassles and everything,” he said. “When someone leaves … just having to tell them is not easy.”

For Holt, Cuban isn’t just another podcast guest — they’re also business partners. The host appeared on NBC’s “Shark Tank” with Matt Walsh — the co-founder of his trophy company TrophySmack — and sold Cuban 17% of the company for $600,000.

The company makes “over-the-top” trophies of all kinds, but specializes in trophies for fantasy sports leagues.

When Glyn asked Cuban what had drawn him to the pair, he said that they have a lot of imagination in a business that doesn’t change much.

“The trophy business … it’s been around for a long time, but also, it’s a very copy-oriented business: Once one company does it, then everybody looks at it and tried tocopy it,” he said. “So, you need it to have entrepreneurs that not only were grinders,but that were agile that were ready to leap.”

One Percenters already packing Hamptons hot spots

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The Hamptons are heating up early this year.

Even though we’re still a couple of weeks out from Memorial Day, a social source says that Le Bilboquet in Sag Harbor was packed for lunch on Sunday.

We’re told Nicole Miller, Candace Bushnell and Anne Hearst were at one table, we’re told, while Donna Karan lunched at another.

Also dining were socialites Janna Bullock and Anna Rothschild, and Nat King Cole’s daughter, Casey Cole.

It seems that Florida may be getting too humid for the One Percent, but they’re not ready to venture back into New York City.

Said the spy, “The Hamptons is so packed you can’t even find parking. It’s worse than the summer. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen in the summer.”

Also grabbing lunch at the Bilboquet, we’re told, were Danny Baker Jr. and Petra Khashoggi, the childhood pals who — Page Six recently reported — have recently become a couple.

As we revealed last month, Baker, scion of Uptown’s favorite plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Baker, and Petra Khashoggi, the adopted daughter of colorful Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi and the illegitimate daughter of former British MP Jonathan Aitken, got together during the pandemic.

Petra told us at the time, “Yes, Danny and I are together. We both feel very fortunate to have reconnected during these trying times. Onwards and upwards!”

Baker Jr. previously dated supermodel Sophie Dahl for four years, until they broke up in 2007.

Last week, we also reported that Easthampton spot Clubhouse got the summer started early with an intimate Jon Jovi show attended by Jimmy Buffet and, curiously, Matt Lauer.

Olivia Munn publicly ‘gushed’ about John Mulaney before divorce announcement

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Olivia Munn is in love — it seems — and not terrifically discreet about it.

Despite the fact that news had yet to break that her new boyfriend John Mulaney was set to divorce his wife of six years, Anna Marie Tendler, Munn was overheard loudly gushing about him at such out-of-the-way places as Craig’s last weekend, we hear.

Page Six is told that Munn hit the West Hollywood see-and-be-scene last Saturday night with pals including “iCarly” star Miranda Cosgrove, social personality Amanda Cerny and comic Esther Povitsky, and she was making it very clear to the group she’s “very into him.”

It wasn’t until the following Monday that Page Six exclusively reported that Mulaney had dumped Tendler, we’re told that Munn was “telling everyone [she and Mulaney] were together.”

The group also hit the Comedy Store together after dinner, we’re told.

As we previously reported Mulaney, who checked himself into rehab for 60 days late last year after struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, asked for a divorce from Tendler three months ago.

Artist Tendler said through her spokesperson, “I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage.”

On Thursday — just two days after the announcement and amid his return to the stand-up stage for the first time since his rehab stay — People reported that he is now dating the “Mission Force One” actress.

The “Kid Gorgeous” comic — who also had a hit with Nick Kroll collaboration, “Oh, Hello” — checked into rehab in December last year.

He first became sober at age 23, but relapsed during the pandemic. He revealed on stage during his comedy comeback at City Winery this week that friends staged an intervention before he checked into an inpatient facility in Pennsylvania.

In a 2019 interview he revealed he’d had a tricky relationship with booze from an early age, saying he’d started drinking at age 13.

“I drank for attention,” he said. “I was really outgoing, and then at 12, I wasn’t. I didn’t know how to act. And then I was drinking, and I was hilarious again.”

A rep for Munn didn’t get back to us.

Bella Thorne and new fiancé Benjamin Mascolo party til dawn

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Bella Thorne and her new fiancé Benjamin Mascolo partied til 5am in South Beach on Saturday night, Page Six is told.

SoBe sources say the Disney-star-turned-Only-Fans favorite started the evening with Mascolo, her sister Dani Thorne, and a group of friends hitting hot restaurant Prime 112.

After dinner, they headed to risque ultraclub E11EVEN Miami, where we’re told they bought out two tables so they’d have extra space to party.

“The entire crew was raging all night and was seated right in the main action of the nightclub,” said a spy, “They had a huge parade of alcohol to their table that included Dom Perignon Rosé, E11EVEN Vodka, and Casamigos Tequila.”

Thorne and Italian pop star Mascolo got engaged about seven weeks ago.

We’re told the their tables were next to Trey Songz, and the singer gave her a shout-out when he performed a few feet away from her on the club’s stage. 

We hear that Thorne partied past 5am, but it seems she’d recovered enough to party on a yacht — reportedly with porn star pals — with her mom to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The Daily Mail published photographs showing Thorne and mom Tamra letting their hair down on the boat.

The publication said that Bella chatted with porn star Abella Danger, and was seen “puff on a dubious-looking hand-rolled cigarette in full view of her mother.”

Elon Musk a bigger autograph draw on ‘SNL’ than BTS or Justin Bieber

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Tesla billionaire Elon Musk drove the hidden “Saturday Night Live” street economy of Midtown.

The tech mogul’s autograph these days can go for $4,000, or more, on eBay — or even $20,000 on toy versions of Teslas.

And sources exclusively tell Page Six that autograph hunters had arrived in town from as far away as Iowa and St. Petersburg, Fla., to try to get the SpaceX guru’s John Hancock while he’s unusually accessible, flitting from his apartment to 30 Rock to shoot the NBC comedy show over the weekend.

We are told that the mobs of autograph hounds are bigger — and more aggressive — than those seen even for Justin Bieber, One Direction or BTS at their peaks.

It may be a headache for Musk — who travels with a relatively light security detail — but sources say that he’s actually become a hero among the “grapherazzi” because, while he clearly doesn’t want to be exposed for long stretches scribbling away, he’s taken to penning his signature on all the memorabilia being foisted at him, sitting in his Tesla while he signs it, and returning it to the happy, soon-to-be-richer enterprisers.

Unlike other celebrities, who are picky about what pictures or items they’ll sign, Musk, 49, “will sign anything, from him Photoshopped as Tekashi 6ix9ine to him smoking weed on Joe Rogan.”

While reports have said that some in the “SNL” cast might not like Musk very much, the autograph folks say he’s a mensch.

The Post reported that his appearance on the NBC comedy show was “the best part” of Saturday’s episode.

There were rumors some stars might abstain from sharing the stage with the billionaire after they’d tweeted their disdain. But Musk subsequently told Page Six this week it was “much ado about nothing,” and everyone on the show had “been awesome so far!”

Musk was also spotted at dinner during the week with some of the show’s stars and producers — including Pete Davidson and Colin Jost.

YouTubers to box TikTokers at Miami fight night in June

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Call it anti-social media.

Page Six is told that there will be an event this summer at which TikTok and YouTube stars will try to beat the crap out of each other.

LiveXLive’s Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms is set to feature six boxing matches, including the main event, in which Austin McBroom will square off against Bryce Hall.

McBroom’s YouTube channel, The ACE Family, has over 19 million subscribers, while Hall has 19.8 million followers on TikTok.

The other fighters have yet to be announced.

We’re told organizers are expecting 30,000 spectators at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens for the event on June 12.

LiveXLive’s CEO Rob Ellin said, “This is the coming-out party we’ve all been waiting for since lockdowns began. Social Gloves is a pop-culture event bringing together art, e-sports, fashion, and music, that will kick off the triumphant return for live entertainment.”

He added, “Our stacked fight card features some of the largest social media sensations, whose combined followers total close to 300 million. We are also about to announce a star-studded lineup of today’s hottest pop, Latin, country, R&B and hip-hop stars who will all be performing live at our event.”

YouTube star Jake Paul’s boxing match against MMA fighter Ben Askren pulled in a reported 1.5 million pay-per-view purchases, and Social Gloves organizers say they intend to beat that figure.

It’ll be live streamed at, and advance tickets sales will be announced shortly.

Leslie Jones’ supposed longtime beef with Anthony Jeselnik heats up

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“Saturday Night Live” alum Leslie Jones seems to be involved in a protracted beef with standup circuit stalwart Anthony Jeselnik — which blew up spectacularly at a comedy club earlier this week.

Jeselnik said on his podcast Wednesday that he and another comic — whom he didn’t name — have hated each other for years, adding that he thinks the bad blood may have started at LA’s Comedy Store when Jeselnik refused to give up his stage time when they asked for it.

And he said that the feud reared its head at a different LA club where he was headlining this week — after the comic in question showed up unannounced and asked management to go onstage “for five to ten minutes” before him.

“Within five minutes [of their set], I understand what has happened to me,” he said on the “Jeselnick and Rosenthal Vanity Project,” adding, “They are not doing [five to ten minutes] and that they are going to go as long as they can, strictly to f–k with me — strictly to big-time me.”

Jeselnick said that management at the club, Supernova Comedy, told him the anonymous comic had even refused to introduce him before his set.

“The exact phrase was, ‘They don’t think they can introduce you with enthusiasm,’” he said, adding, “Which means that not only am I getting bumped, but I don’t get to go next. Someone else has to go after that [so they can introduce me onstage]. So I’m going almost an hour later.”

Jeselnick said that the comic started kidding around with the audience — known as doing crowd work — to drag out their set even more. So he returned his appearance fee to the club and left.

Meanwhile, a Reddit user solved the mystery of the comic’s identity.

“Everyone saw Jeselnik at the venue while walking in so we knew he was there,” user BigStrongCiderGuy wrote on the social media site, “Leslie Jones [was] a surprise guest in the middle [of the show]. She does some material for the first 15 minutes, big red light comes on [to signal the end of her time], then she just starts doing crowd work for the next 25 minutes.”

They added that after two more acts, they figured Jeselnik wasn’t going to be headlining the show after all, and went to ask a member of club staff what happened.

“First she says Jeselnik had an emergency and had to leave, then tells me the above story,” they wrote.

Reps for Jeselnik and Jones didn’t get back to us. Supernova Comedy didn’t immediately get back to us.

Venus Williams signs deal to be the face of ‘plant-based lifestyle’ site

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Venus Williams has signed a deal to be the face of an online hub for “the plant-based lifestyle,” Page Six is exclusively told.

It’s one of the results of her career-altering battle with Sjögren’s syndrome, according to the tennis legend.

After struggling on the court for several months, Williams was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease in 2011. The condition left her “overwhelmed with fatigue,” according to the Guardian newspaper, which said that it ultimately “robbed her of several years of her career.”

Williams has credited the transition to a plants-only diet with helping her recover and return to her athletic peak.

Now she’s signed up to be the “ambassador” for PlantX, an online store for plant-based products. It also aims to foster a community for people with a plants-only diet.

“It’s the first marketplace of its kind and I wish it had been around when I was transitioning to a plant-based diet over a decade ago,” the seven-time Grand Slam winner said in a statement. “Living a plant-based lifestyle has drastically improved my quality of life, so I’m looking forward to working with PlantX to help others learn about the food system and how this lifestyle can help them achieve optimal health.”

“Venus’ success as an elite plant-based athlete is incredibly inspiring. I am thrilled that our values align so powerfully in a way that encourages people to give plant-based living a try and listen to their bodies closely as they transition towards this lifestyle,” said Sean Dollinger, PlantX founder. “Our partnership with Venus aims to celebrate these values and raise awareness of the incredible heights that a plant-based lifestyle can achieve.”

Media insiders grouse that Glamour is ignoring Fox News women

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It’s just not right, some media insiders are grumbling.

Since reinventing itself as an issues-based magazine rather than a style magazine, Glamour has done a series of highly coveted profiles on the most impressive women in TV news.

But some industry insiders are miffed because the mag seems to have carefully avoided Fox News talent, while heaping attention on what they consider to be left-leaning outlets.

Since Samantha Barry took the helm in 2018, the source notes there have been pieces on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor, NBC’s Antonia Hylton and CBS’s Norah O’Donnell.

It also did a piece called “Eight Black women journalists on reporting police brutality,” which included talent from CNN, NBC and ABC.

But particularly irking, says an industry insider, is that Barry — who was head of CNN’s social media before taking the Glamour gig — has done three profiles on CNN stars, including Dana Bash, Sara Sider and Brooke Baldwin.

Meanwhile, they say, Fox’s veteran women, including Harris Faulkner and Dana Perino have been passed over.

Sniffed an industry insider, “With a long roster of powerful women at Fox News, it’s embarrassing that Samantha Barry is going out of her way to take care of CNN given her former employment there.”

They added that when Barry took over she said “that she wanted to focus on women’s issues which obviously spans across all women – liberal, conservative, independent. All women have stories.”

A rep for Glamour didn’t get back to us.

New Yorkers plan holiday to ‘have fun in the name of sobriety’

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Sobriety activists are trying to start what might be described as 4/20 for the teetotaling crowd.

April 20th, of course, has become an international celebration for weed lovers since the 1970s.

But some of New York’s sober community are claiming April 24 — which they dubbed Just for 24 — as a day for partying without chemical assistance.

“With so many holidays focused on drinking, we wanted a day to have fun and connect with the community,” Martha Duke of Recovering Out Loud told Page Six.

“Just for 24 is a day to celebrate your recovery and support your friends in recovery by having fun in the name of sobriety,” she added.

She said that the festivities on Saturday, April 24 will begin at 10 a.m., with a trip to the Lower East Side’s booze-free bottle shop Spirited Away “to load up on booze-free beverages” she said, “then off to Brooklyn for some roller skating [at Pier 2] and wrapping at PS Kitchen with an event with prizes from REVA Recovery Support, Soylent, Athletic Brewing Company and Monday [alcohol-free] gin.”

It’ll be live-streamed from 4 p.m. on Duke’s Instagram and the Just for 24 account.

“Come join the event and celebrate sobriety and make new friends!,” said Duke.

Duke and her online cohorts recently did battle with juice brand Tropicana over a series of ads encouraging parents to drink in secret to combat COVID-related stress.

The company took down the commercials after pressure from the group.

David Spade, Chris Rock surprise crowd at reopened Comedy Cellar

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The Comedy Cellar is well and truly buzzing again.

The Village comedy club was famous before the pandemic for its unannounced performances by A-List comics.

And — after reopening on April 2 — it looks like it didn’t miss a beat.

We already reported that greats including Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Ray Romano, Dave Attell, Colin Quinn, and Louis C.K. have stopped by since the lights went back on.

Now we’re told that Rock was back on the stage Thursday night along with “Saturday Night Live” legend David Spade.

Sources say the pair had dinner at Lure in Soho before heading over to the club, where Spade went on around 10pm, we’re told and brought Rock up with him around 10.20pm.

“The crowd went nuts,” says a spy.

We’re told Spade kidded about Dr. Anthony Fauci and bath bombs.

The club is open at limited capacity and has a curfew. It’s been selling out shows on four stages spread over two venues.

When we first reported on the re-opening, owner Noam Dworman told us, “We’re taking a big financial hit opening our doors.”

“Normally, we would be finishing our last show at 3 a.m. in the morning,” he said, but said that because of the curfews, “You are talking almost five hours of business we are not allowed to do.”

“I’m pretty optimistic that the vaccines will get New York fully open in the next few months,” he told us, hedging, “Although when tourism comes back is a big ‘if.’”  

Attempted murderer becomes surprise star guest at Soho power dinner

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With the New York social scene creeping back to life, a glamorously global gang of models, TV stars, journalists, publicists and entertainment lawyers gathered for a dinner outside Soho’s Coco Pazzo over the weekend — but it turned out none of them was the most fascinating person to join the party.

Midway through the dinner, an exuberant and charming stranger greeted the group from the sidewalk — and after they got chatting with him, casually mentioned that he’d just got out of prison for his third attempted murder, and revealed his jailbird bona fides by naming some of the joints he’d toured Upstate.

Power publicist Kelly Cutrone quipped, “I hope you’re not in the mood tonight.”

The group included models Aamito Lagum and Alina Baikova, power lawyer David Hyrcik, hotelier Andrew Chapman and Vanity Fair legend George Wayne.

Meanwhile, Page Six was left wondering, if you’ve attempted murder three times without a success story, perhaps it is time to give it up.

We recently reported that Baikova had become the first model to sell an NFT — a trendy blockchain-based digital platform — of herself.

The piece is a surreal image entitled Natural Form by artist Charles Bentley, based on a photograph of Baikova by Jean-Baptiste Fort.

Only one copy of the work is available, and it has a reserve price of around $6,000 — in cyptocurrency, natually.

Society abuzz as surgeon scion and Saudi billion-heir get ‘hot and heavy’

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Society is abuzz with the news that Danny Baker Jr., scion of Uptown’s favorite plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Baker, is “hot and heavy” with Petra Khashoggi, the adopted daughter of colorful Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi and illegitimate daughter of former British MP Jonathan Aitken.

“They were childhood friends,” said a social spy, “but I heard they’ve been together for months now. Love in the time of Corona.”

Baker Jr. previously dated supermodel Sophie Dahl for four years, until they broke up in 2007.

Reached for comment, Petra told us, “Yes, Danny and I are together. We both feel very fortunate to have reconnected during these trying times. Onwards and upwards!”

Dr. Baker was once married to ’80s It Girl Nina Griscom, and a slew of A-Listers have been spotted at his offices.

Petra’s mother, Soraya Khashoggi, gave birth to her in 1979, and Adnan brought her up as his daughter. But a 1999 DNA test revealed that she was actually the daughter of Aitken, a British politician who was jailed for perjury. She first met him at the age of 18.

The Guardian newspaper reported at the time, “Soraya had a well-publicized affair with Aitken before he married his wife in the late ’70s.”

When Aitken had life-saving surgery earlier this year, Petra wrote a “loving tribute” to him in the Daily Mail.

She wrote, “He is often called a ‘disgraced’ former MP but I have only known him on his road to redemption and all I see is Grace. Maybe that word can be replaced with ‘Redeemed’, or even better, ‘Resurrected’.”

Robert De Niro’s lawyer echos panned Page Six story in divorce court

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All the way back in 2017, Page Six ran a story about Robert De Niro snapping at then-wife Grace Hightower in a Manhattan bar, “I wouldn’t have to keep making s - - tty movies if you didn’t spend all my money!”

At the time, De Niro’s longtime rep Stan Rosenfield huffed, “Your story is based on something that never happened from a source who has an ax to grind.”

So we were (not at all) surprised to hear De Niro’s divorce attorney argue in court Friday that her client, well, wouldn’t have to keep making s–tty movies if Hightower didn’t spend all his money.

“Mr. De Niro is 77 years old, and while he loves his craft, he should not be forced to work at this prodigious pace because he has to,” lawyer, Caroline Krauss, told a Manhattan judge.

“When does that stop? When does he get the opportunity to not take every project that comes along and not work six-day weeks, 12-hour days so he can keep pace with Ms. Hightower’s thirst for Stella McCartney?”

The pair split in 2018, and are currently fighting in court over how much the legendary actor should have to fork over to Hightower before the divorce is finalized.

At the time of our original story, De Niro had recently made howlers including “Dirty Grandpa,” “Grudge Match” and “The Intern,” and he’s since added “The War With Grampa” — an unbidden sequel to “Dirty Grampa” — and “The Comeback Trail” to his odious oeuvre.

Our source had an ax to grind? Well, now de Niro has an ex to fund.

Rosenfield declined to comment.

An impromptu Bravo reunion — plus Rihanna — took over Giorgio Baldi in LA Friday

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There was something of an impromptu Bravo summit in LA Friday night.

Spies at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica say that “Real Housewives of Orange County” stars Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley, “Real Housewives of New York’s” Jill Zarin and boyfriend Gary Brody, the network’s matchmaker extraordinaire Patti Stanger and “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” star Josh Flagg all had dinner together.

Meanwhile, we’re told the group later realized that Rihanna had been having dinner at a table outside.

It seems Zarin’s been all over LA lately. We also hear she was at dinner with Lisa and Ken Vanderpump, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Susan Pinksy at Pump on Thursday.

And she was also spotted at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel at the same time as John Travolta, but “not together!” said a spy.

Her glam trip was somewhat marred, however, by an incident on the way back to New York.

Zarin posted on her Instagram Stories to express her horror that her airline took her beloved dog Bossi away from her for take-off and landing and put her “in a hold in the front of the plane with about ten microscopic holes for air.”

“My dog is petrified of the dark,” said Zarin in the clip.

Dale Moss says he and Clare Crawley are ‘in a good place’

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After Page Six exclusively revealed that “Bachelorette” couple Clare Crawley and Dale Moss had split, the pair rekindled their romance.

Now in his first interview since the reconciliation, Moss says the couple are “in a good place” — but stopped short of saying that they’re once again engaged.

“We are definitely taking time and spending time together,” he told the podcast “Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn.”

He added, “Clare and I, we’re in a good place. When the time is right we will definitely talk about all those things [publicly]. For right now, we’re just focused on one another. We’re keeping things private and that’s working for us, in time we’ll speak about that together.”

But while the pair were betrothed at the end of season 16 of the “Bachelorette” in December, he demurred when asked if they were engaged once again.

“I’ll say this, Clare and I are in a good place. Focused on one another and leave it at that,” he said.

When they split in January, inside sources claimed, “There’s a whole bunch of problems between them.”

“I don’t know what the specific breaking point was, but she wants him to move to Sacramento and he’s not crazy about that. She wants kids right away, he doesn’t,” they added.

But by mid-February, the pair were spotted on a romantic stroll in LA, and they were spotted kissing in New York the following month.

Outgoing CBS News president held up ‘I hate my job’ sign in meeting

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CBS News President Susan Zirinsky stepped down after a corporate meeting in which she wrote on a piece of paper ‘‘I hate my job” and “held it over her head in protest,” according to a source.

It was announced Tuesday that Zirinsky — who is famed for shepherding the career of Gayle King — is stepping down after two years in the role and will instead sign a production deal with parent company ViacomCBS.

But Page Six is told that there were some not-so subtle signs that she wasn’t happy in the role.

A source said, “There was a CBS corporate budget meeting she was in — it dragged on and on — and at one point Susan wrote on a piece of paper ‘I hate my job’ and just held it over her head in protest.”

Zirinsky, known as Z, was a universally respected producer with a 40-year career at the network before replacing longtime president David Rhodes at the helm.

But sources say that it became almost immediately clear that Zirinsky was less content wrangling marquee talent and managing vast budgets.

“They’ve known they were going to replace Z forever,” said an insider of the search for her replacement, with a second source telling us that the network has been actively interviewing for a successor since before Christmas.

A third said, “The network needs someone who can keep the talent happy, and keep them in line at the same time. That’s no small challenge.”

We’re told she lost some support among staffers after moving the “CBS Evening News” broadcast to Washington, DC, apparently at the behest of anchor Norah O’Donnell. (CBS denied at the time that O’Donnell was the impetus for the move.)

Zirinsky is expected to stay in the role until a successor is appointed. Early considerations for her replacement include “Today” vet Jim Bell, superstar “Late Show” producer Chris Licht, CNN’s Virginia Moseley and MSNBC’s Janelle Rodriguez, we’re told.

A spokesperson for CBS News and Zirinsky declined to comment.

Alex Rodriguez’s ESPN bosses mad at getting scooped on Timberwolves deal

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ESPN appears to be using its business relationship with Alex Rodriguez to get an unfair advantage over its rivals in sports journalism.

On Saturday, sports site the Athletic was handed the scoop that A-Rod had bought Minnesota NBA team the Timberwolves, in partnership with e-commerce mogul Marc Lore.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s star NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski didn’t get his story about the $1.5 billion deal posted until around 20 minutes later.

Apparently this didn’t go over well with A-Rod’s bosses at ESPN, who write him a hefty check each week to be a commentator on “Sunday Night Baseball.”

And apparently A-Rod got an earful about it when he showed up for work — so his team swiftly went to work to try and appease the network.

In a text seen by Page Six, one of the former slugger’s top lieutenants wrote to fellow execs on Monday, “Hi guys — we should save something for ESPN [instead of giving it to the] Athletic. ESPN mentioned to AR at [“Sunday Night Baseball”] they wish Woj had the story — obviously not our call but next round it should be.”

You’d think a sports company would prefer a level playing field.

A rep for A-Rod didn’t comment, and ESPN didn’t get back to us.

Danielle Staube trying out dating app for ‘unsuperficial people’

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It’s about time Danielle Staube took a radical new approach to her love life — and she seems to be doing just that.

We’re told the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star — who has famously been engaged 21 times but remains unmarried — has done a deal to try out intriguing dating app S’more, which blurs profile pictures, and slowly reveals them over time if matches keep interacting with each other.

“The more you chat, the clearer they become. Literally!,” says the app’s Web site.

It’s supposed to take superficiality out of the dating app game by letting users connect before seeing each other.

Staube’s going on S’more’s Instagram TV dating show on Thursday to talk about her quest for lucky number 22.

In her most recent romantic escapades, Staube married Marty Caffrey in 2018, only to divorce him nine months later.

Next, she got engaged to Oliver Maier just one month after the Caffrey divorce was finalized in February 2019. They split seven months later.

“I’m not interested in dating, I’m totally off the market,” she told Us Weekly at the time.

Apparently she’s changed her mind.

Danielle Staub trying out dating app for ‘unsuperficial people’

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

It’s about time Danielle Staub took a radical new approach to her love life — and she seems to be doing just that.

We’re told the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star — who has famously been engaged 21 times but remains unmarried — has done a deal to try out intriguing dating app S’more, which blurs profile pictures, and slowly reveals them over time if matches keep interacting with each other.

“The more you chat, the clearer they become. Literally!,” says the app’s Web site.

It’s supposed to take superficiality out of the dating app game by letting users connect before seeing each other.

Staub’s going on S’more’s Instagram TV dating show on Thursday to talk about her quest for lucky number 22.

In her most recent romantic escapades, Staub married Marty Caffrey in 2018, only to divorce him nine months later.

Next, she got engaged to Oliver Maier just one month after the Caffrey divorce was finalized in February 2019. They split seven months later.

“I’m not interested in dating, I’m totally off the market,” she told Us Weekly at the time.

Apparently she’s changed her mind.

Model Alina Baikova is now available as an NFT

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Model Alina Baikova is now available as an NFT.

Red-hot NFTs or non-fungible tokens — digital files stored on blockchain — have recently been used as a medium to sell everything from the new Kevin Smith movie to blueprints for a house and even recordings of farts.

Now we’re told Ukrainian beauty Baikova is joining the ‘chain gang, becoming the first model to sell an image of herself as an NFT.

The piece is a surreal image entitled Natural Form by artist Charles Bentley, based on a photograph of Baikova by Jean-Baptiste Fort.

Baikova — a Next model who has reportedly walked in shows for Hermes, Dior, Zac Posen and Marc Jacobs, among others — recently posted the image on her Instagram account.

Only one copy of the work is available to buy.

The piece is being sold on the Foundation platform, has a reserve price of 2.564 in the Ethereum cryptocurrency (or about $6,000), and will be auctioned off once the reserve has been met.

The original image was taken for a campaign for designer Jean-Louis Sabaji.

According to Brooklyn artist Bentley, his work “leverages fashion photography and the natural world to create dynamic, surreal compositions.”

Showbiz vet Rob Shuter’s new book promises to transform your life with four words

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Former publicist and gossip veteran Rob Shuter has written a self-help book that shows regular folk how to transform their lives by using the “secrets celebrities and brands spend millions of dollars to discover.”

Shuter, who has repped Jennifer Lopez, Diddy, Alicia Keys, Jessica Simpson, Jon Bon Jovi and many more over the years says he reveals the intel in “The 4 Word Answer.”

“Working with some of the biggest stars in the world I quickly discovered that it wasn’t talent all my super successful clients had in common. Rather what they all shared was the knowledge of exactly who they are in just four words,” Shuter tells Page Six. “If you are not living the life you want to live — the answer is just four words away.”

He says that “while the events, details and raw conversations in the book all happened, this is not a celebrity tell-all.”

“It is about being a star in your own life. Rolling out your own red carpet and becoming as comfortable in your own skin as celebrities are in theirs,” Shuter adds.

 It’ll be published by Post Hill Press on Sept. 21, and it’s available for pre-order.  

Shuter also hosts the “Naughty but Nice” podcast on the iHeartRadio network. He has previously been the Huffington Post’s celebrity columnist and the executive editor of OK! magazine, and was one of the hosts of daily morning show “The Gossip Table” on VH1.

Dave Portnoy’s sex tape partner, Sydney Raines, speaks out

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Dave Portnoy’s sex tape partner has stepped forward.

A clip began doing the rounds earlier this week that showed the Barstool Sports boss naked, sitting astride a blonde woman who was equally naked — except for the black leather dog collar she had around her neck and the metal leash that Portnoy was holding.

It turns out his companion was Instagram model Sydney Raines.

In the video, Portnoy can be seen somewhat vigorously yanking Raines’ neck around by the leash.

“Some might not approve of the video content but it was entirely consensual and it’s unfortunate that it is no longer private,” Raines wrote on Instagram, “but [Portnoy and I] are still friends with no animosity between us.”

She added, “I won’t label this a mistake since we have both taken responsibility for it.”

Raines seemed to suggest that she expected there to be repercussions for whoever was responsible for the leak by adding, “But the fact that it was leaked and posted without our awareness or consent would be considered the true mistake.”

She said that she now plans to “continue my daily life without vexation” and signed the note, “With no apologies, Syd.”

Portnoy also addressed the video after stocks in the company that owns Barstool, Penn National Gaming, took a hit as the video hit the web.

El Presidente responded with a video on Twitter saying, “A stock is down because somebody has consensual sex? Are you f–king kidding me?”

He even urged his followers to buy Penn’s shares while the price was lower.

“I would jump on this dip and I would f–k it,” he said. “No pun intended.”

Jerry O’Connell attends Zoom gala from his bathtub

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

It seems we’ve truly reached the “screw it” phase of the pandemic. 

We’re told Jerry O’Connell appeared at a Zoom fundraiser from his bathtub this week.

An attendee at the event for New York homelessness charity ACE quipped, “He made quite a splash.” 

Apparently “The Real Housewives of New York City” star Luann de Lesseps was among the guests who got a kick from his sudsy appearance.

The event raised cash for Henry Buhl’s charity, which has been struggling to fundraise during the pandemic, we’re told.

ACE, or the Association of Community Employment, works with homeless men and women throughout New York City, “providing job training, work experience and a lifetime support network to help our program participants achieve their goals and establish economic independence.”

It was founded by Buhl in 1992 after a homeless person asked him for $20.

According to its website, Buhl instead said he’d pay them $20 to sweep the pavement outside his Greene Street, SoHo, home, and then “rallied the stores in his neighborhood to follow suit.”

As well sweeping crews, it now offers adult basic education and job readiness and life skills training in its “vocational rehabilitation program.”

As pandemic wanes, Jill Zarin’s mask empire pivots to loungewear

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

As Page Six previously reported, Jill Zarin and her daughter Ally Shapiro surprised us by building a face-mask empire during the pandemic.

But with the need for masks (we hope) about to go into a steep decline as vaccines become increasingly widely available, the pair are branching out.

They tell us that they put a new loungewear collection of comfy tops and pants in their signature tie-dye for sale on their site on Tuesday.

The tops are $78, the pants $68, or $130 for the set. They all come in lavender, blue, and pink.

“They are hand tie-dyed and our next step away from masks,” Zarin told us. They’re also planning on producing candles.

We previously noted that Zarin and Shapiro say their masks are now available in 4,000 stores and that they’ve been worn by Andy Cohen, Kris Jenner, Amanda Kloots and TikTok stars Addison Rae and Dixie and Charli D’Amelio, among others.

Shapiro orginally began hand-dyeing masks to help raise money for their COVID-19 initiative to feed healthcare workers called “Noshes for Nurses.”

They also say they’ve donated thousands of masks to frontline workers.

Real estate tycoon Ari Rastegar to co-author book with 11-year-old boy

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Real estate tycoon Ari Rastegar is writing a book — with an 11 year-old podcaster.

Rastegar, who’s known as the “Oracle of Austin,” met Paolo Ben Salmi after the pre-teen asked him to appear on his podcast “Life According To Paolo” to talk about how he overcame a stutter and a lisp.

The pair hit it off, and now we’re told the they’re planning on penning the tome together. They hope it’ll be part of a series of books for kids that will focus on focus on health and wellness topics geared towards kids, including how to practice gratitude, mindfulness, and set goals.

“Paolo has accomplished more in 11 years than most grown ups,” says Rastegar, who claims to have parlayed a $3k loan into a real estate empire, boasting hundreds of millions in residential, commercial, and industrial assets.

Salmi isn’t Rastegar’s only new collaborator.

Forbes reported on Thursdays that the Rastegar Property Company had hired Neal Golden, a commercial real estate veteran, to “lead the upstart firm’s day-to-day operations as president.”

The Dallas native met Rastegar 10 years ago “and has been impressed with how he has grown the firm since its launch in 2015,” the site reported.

Tucker Carlson to interview Piers Morgan about Meghan Markle scandal

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Piers Morgan will sit down with Tucker Carlson on Monday in his first on-camera interview since Morgan was sensationally fired from his show “Good Morning Britain” over comments he made about Meghan Markle.

Morgan drew heat after he said he doubted Markle’s claims in her interview with Oprah Winfrey that she was suicidal during her stint in the Royal family and that some of the Royals are racist.

“How is it that the most privileged in our society get to pose as the most oppressed?,” Carlson told Page Six when asked why he thought the interview is an important one, “Piers Morgan dared to ask that question, and they hurt him for it.”

The hour-long chat will appear on his “Tucker Carlson Today” show on streaming platform Fox Nation and portions of it will appear on Fox New Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Morgan, 56, has claimed that he was fired from the British morning show because he refused to apologize for his views about Markle.

“Those of you that know me well enough know that, despite my many faults, I’m always willing to stand my ground for the things that I think matter most,” he wrote on social media. He claimed that his opposition to the Iraq War and views on American gun laws had cost him jobs at Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper and CNN.

“And now I’ve lost my job at Good Morning Britain because I chose not to apologise for disbelieving Meghan Markle’s claims in her interview with Oprah Winfrey,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, sources told Page Six that Morgan isn’t bothered by the commotion of the drama and “thrives on the uproar.”

WABC lands first GOP mayoral debate between Curtis Sliwa and Fernando Mateo

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The top two GOP candidates for Mayor of New York City will square off Wednesday in the first Republican Mayoral Primary Debate, hosted by 77 WABC Radio, Page Six has exclusively learned.

The face-off between Fernando Mateo and Curtis Sliwa will be moderated by radio veteran Dominic Carter, longtime journalist and New York City native.

WABC owner John Catsimaitidis has run for mayor in the past but recently announced he wouldn’t be part of their year’s race — but will be hosting the debate instead.

Topics will include crime, police, the economy, and recovery from COVID-19. 

“New York City is in the worst shape in modern history and this debate will be hosted with no holds barred, as these two candidates square off and take their case to the voters for the first time,” said Catsimatidis. 

“New York City needs leadership now more than ever, and these candidates will make their case for why they are the best to serve as Mayor, in an unbiased setting.”

It’ll be live-streamed from Studio 77 on Facebook, Youtube, and, and also live on 77 WABC Radio, on Wednesday, March 31, at 4 p.m.

Other Republicans running in the 2021 race include Adam Oremland, Abbey Laurel-Smith, Bill Pepitone and Sara Tirschwell.

On the Democrat said are Eric Adams, Shaun Donovan, Kathryn Garcia, Raymond McGuire, Dianne Morales, Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley and Andrew Yang.

Fox execs honor network’s late booker Eric Spinato

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Fox execs and broadcasters attended the wake of booker Eric Spinato on Friday, Page Six is told.

Spinato died from COVID-19 on March 20. He was 52.

We’re told Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott attended the wake in Commack, Long Island, as did the network’s president, Jay Wallace.

Businessman Carl Paladino and son Billy also paid their respects, alongside publicist Todd Shapiro.

The family has a GoFundMe for funeral expenses, where “Fox and Friends” co-host and Brian Kilmeade and anchor Neil Cavuto have donated.

Spinato was the head booker and senior story editor for the Fox Business Network.

In a memo to staffers after his passing, Scott and Wallace said, “Eric was an immensely gifted and aggressive booker and was renowned for booking the innumerable ‘gets’ we’ve seen on both [Fox News Channel] and [Fox Business] over the years.

“He was also always willing to lend a hand to help a colleague, mentor junior staffers, or troubleshoot an issue — countless bookers throughout the industry learned the ropes and the tools of the trade from Eric at one point or another in their careers.”

Anchor Maria Bartiromo also paid tribute to him on-air, saying that Spinato “loved to produce segments from the set up to the end product. He booked it and then he produced it.”

Mia Farrow’s daughter erased from cherished family photo

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

With the searing new HBO documentary “Allen v. Farrow” roiling emotions around the never-ending battle between Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, Page Six is told that an unsettling incident has come to light.

Longtime supporters of Allen say they were “sickened” to learn that one of Farrow’s daughters appears to have been erased from a cherished family photograph.

In 2016, Farrow’s Twitter account posted a “Throwback Thursday” image showing her son Ronan shaking hand with with Hillary Clinton, while daughter Dylan smiles at Clinton and Mia gazes adoringly on in the background. The shot appears to be around 20 years old.

“When Dylan and @RonanFarrow met Hillary Clinton,” the caption reads.

But an Allen backer pointed out to us that Tam, Mia’s disabled Vietnamese daughter who died in 2000, also originally appeared in the shot, and seems to have been digitally removed.

“To me, it’s a sick thing to do,” said the source.

A very close inspection reveals that it’s just about possible to see the outline of Tam’s face and parts of her dress in the edited picture.

At the time of her death, Mia’s spokesperson announced that, “Mia’s daughter died from heart failure over the weekend. She had a weak heart.”

But in his breathtaking 2018 tell-all blog post about his family’s various feuds, allegations and tragedies, her brother Moses wrote: “In fact, Tam struggled with depression for much of her life, a situation exacerbated by my mother refusing to get her help, insisting that Tam was just ‘moody.’ One afternoon in 2000, after one final fight with Mia, which ended with my mother leaving the house, Tam committed suicide by overdosing on pills.”

He added, “My mother would tell others that the drug overdose was accidental, saying that Tam, who was blind, didn’t know which pills she was taking. But Tam had both an ironclad memory and sense of spatial recognition. And, of course, blindness didn’t impair her ability to count.”

After Moses published his piece, Ronan tweeted: “Not worth saying much to dignify the repeated campaign to discredit my sister [Dylan, who has accused Allen of molesting her], often by attacking our mother.”

He added, “This is all I’ll offer: My mother did an extraordinary job raising us, and none of my siblings with whom I’ve spoken ever witnessed anything but love and care from a single mom who went through hell to keep her kids safe.”

Mia has vigorously denied abusing any of her children in any way. Allen has vigorously denied the allegation the he molested Dylan, and multiple investigation have not found him guilty of it.

A rep for Mia didn’t get back to us, and Ronan declined to comment.

Setai Hotel fires turn billionaires’ paradise into ‘disaster’ overnight

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Billionaires and celebrities at Miami’s ultra-exclusive Setai hotel were left in the dark, we’re told, after a series of fires knocked out the power and caused flooding — turning the place into “a disaster.”

Page Six hears that some One Percenters spent the night huddled outside on pool chairs and others scrambled to their private jets after condos — which sell for up to $12 million for a four-bedroom spread — were left without air conditioning or hot water.

We’re told that an influx of Passover and Spring Break travelers left it almost impossible to find a room elsewhere.

Sources say that superstar DJ Diplo was among the chic set who skipped town amidst the alleged inconveniences.

As we previously reported, an electrical fire broke out on the 19th floor of the hotel’s residential tower on Friday around 6p.m., and was quickly put out. But now we hear there was a second fire and partial evacuation of the Collins Avenue building at around 6a.m. the following morning. Apparently authorities cut the power after the first flame-up, but when they turned it back on, it caused a second to break out.

Parts of the building — co-owned by Alexander Von Furstenberg — were still without power as of Monday.

Victor Naar, CEO of CastleRock REO and a resident of the building, tells Page Six, “Two fires, two evacuations. No lights in the hallways and elevators were not working at all.”

Naar told us the building turned on power for floors 30-and-above on Sunday, but that the lower floors were still without power on Monday.

“We are told [the power will return] tomorrow, but who knows?” Naar said. “We hope.”

“On Friday after the second evacuation, people were sleeping on pool chairs till 7a.m.,” he added. “It’s been a complete disaster. It’s shocking that a building of this caliber does not have power for four days.”

Meanwhile, we hear Jane Scher, mother of society divorcée Libbie Mugrabi, sprained her ankle during the dawn evacuation after tripping on her dog, Botox.

On Friday evacuees told us there was “screaming and smoke” in the stairwells as residents fled.

Resident Sarah Lazow wrote an email — seen by Page Six — to building boss Salem Mounayyer to complain about the situation, and was bewildered when Mounayyer responded saying, “the building is not in emergency and never was.”

Sources also reported seeing water — which they believed to be from sprinklers set off by the fires — pouring out of the first floor ceiling.

On better days, the ocean-front hotel offers a world-class spa and three restaurants.

We’re told condo residents pay $4,000-per-month in maintenance, plus extra for maid service. Condos start at around $1.5 million for a two bedroom, and can be rented for $1,200 a day.

Hotel management didn’t respond to our request for comment.

The Miami Fire Department told us it wouldn’t be able to share information about the fires until an investigation has been completed.

Fire at Miami’s Setai hotel sends billionaires fleeing for the exits

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

There was a major hubbub at Miami’s ultra-luxe Setai hotel Friday, we’re told, after a fire sent billionaire guests “fleeing for their lives.”

Officials tell Page Six it was only a minor incident that was speedily handled. But sources on the scene say guests were terrified by what felt like a much more frightening event.

We’re told a small electrical fire on the 19th floor set off sprinklers and alarms in the building, and emergency services hurried to the scene.

Among the guests making for the exits was famed divorcée Libby Mugrabi, who we’re told ran down 35 flights of stairs with her two dogs, Tiny and Bear, and her 11-year-old son.

Libby told friends that “there was screaming and smoke in the stairwells,” and that it felt like, “9/11 all over again.” They added, “She felt she was fleeing for her life.”

Onlookers say that Mugrabi was wearing only a red bikini as she made her escape bid.

Meanwhile, sources say the billionaire daughter-in-law of a famous New York designer was also seen heading down the stairs with her 8-month-old baby in her arms.

“It was a small electrical fire on the 19th floor that was put out very quickly and we did not even evacuate the building,” a spokesperson for the City of Miami Beach told us.  “No flooding. The sprinkler went off but the fire department got there quickly and turned them off.”

We’re told that other regulars at the hotel include Anne Hearst and Jay McInerney and Blaine Trump. There was nothing to suggest any of them were involved in Friday’s fracas.

Calls to the Setai on Friday went unanswered.

Tony Orlando named Grand Marshal of Greek Independence parade

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

It’s a new dawn.

Seventies star Tony Orlando has been named the Grand Marshal of WABC Radio’s 200th-anniversary celebration of Greek Independence Day at the station’s new event space “Studio 77” on March 25, we’re told.

Because the annual parade was canceled due to COVID, the station’s owner John Catsimatidis decided to move the party indoors.

Catsimatidis said, “The all-day program will be dedicated to Greece’s cultural impact on America.”

Greg Kelly and Larry Kudlow will be among the on-air speakers.

Orlando said, “I was born Michael Anthony Orlando to Puerto Rican and Greek parents and was raised in NYC.” He jokingly calls himself a “Greek-a-Rican.”

“My father, Leo, was born in NY but my grandparents came from Crete. My father was one of the most successful furriers in NYC, and an amazing craftsman.”

Orlando hosts a Saturday night show for the station.

Is Tinsley Mortimer returning to the ‘Real Housewives of New York’?

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

As Page Six has reported, Tinsley Mortimer’s ex-fiance promised her that he’d marry her if she quit the “Real Housewives of New York.”

But then he broke off the engagement, leaving her without a husband — or a job.

Now there’s furious discussion in several quarters about whether or not she’ll be returning to the Bravo show.

We know what many of her castmates think. There’s already a very, very persistent rumor on set that Tins has already been poking around with producers and other insiders to see if she can make a seamless return.

“[A current cast member] told me she’s begging to be back on the next season,” sniped one insider.

But Bravo sources firmly deny that the socialite-turned-reality-star has contacted anyone about the network since her split from coupon king Scott Kluth.

Meanwhile, pals of Mortimer tell us that her heartbreak is still so fresh that she hasn’t yet had an opportunity to think about what’s next for her.

But they said that her spirits have been lifted after many fans have made it clear on social media that they’re hoping she makes a glorious return to the air.

“They really do want her back — it’s very heartwarming,” said an insider, “They have created countess memes … about how they want her back on the show. Having supportive fans like that is really comforting when you go through such a heartbreaking  life situation.”

As we previously reported, Mortimer’s friends were furious with Kluth for calling off the wedding.

“He tortured her. For years he would break up with her and get back together with her and break up with her again,” claimed one. “But when he proposed, she believed he meant it. She left her career, she left her livelihood, she left her home, and suddenly he’s back to his old tricks again and he called off the engagement.”

Meanwhile, Kluth gave a statement to People magazine saying, “After fourteen months of engagement, Tinsley and I have ended our relationship, and we have been living independently for the last few months.” He added, “This was an incredibly difficult decision, but it is one that I believe is best for both of us. I will always care about Tinsley and I sincerely wish her happiness and success in all that she does in the future.”

Kluth proposed in November 2019 in an eleborate scene involving drones and a choir.

Reps for Mortimer declined to comment.

Dave Portnoy buys Miami mansion, may open Barstool Sports outpost

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Barstool Sports boss Dave Portnoy is the latest power player to head to Miami.

Page Six is told that he’s in the process of buying a mansion in the city, and that he’s considering opening a second office for the media behemoth there. The company currently has offices in New York’s Flatiron District.

“Apparently it’s massive,” said a source of Portnoy’s waterfront pad.

And it would have to be spacious to accommodate the ever-growing coterie of women he’s been squiring around the town for months.

We previously reported Portnoy has been hanging in Miami for most of the winter, hitting clubs and restaurants around town.

Reached for comment, a rep for Barstool Sports gamely told us, “Dave loves warm breezes, pretty senoritas and low taxes so anything is possible.”

As Page Six has recently reported, everyone from Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen and Kushner’s brother, Joshua, have wimped out — sorry, relocated — to Miami as the pandemic’s fallout ravages the North East.

Why Tinsley Mortimer’s pals doubt Scott Kluth’s version of their split

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Touché, Tins!

Pals of Tinsley Mortimer’s ex-fiancé told Page Six last week that — while she claimed to have been blindsided by the split two weeks ago — he had been trying to break up with her for “months,” but that she just wouldn’t accept that they were done.

But Tins’s camp counters that if coupon king Scott Kluth really considered their relationship to be over months ago, why did his business publish a Valentine’s Day blog post — authored by Mortimer?

In the gift guide on Coupon Cabin, the former “Real Housewives of New York” star coos about their romance, with lines like, “Scott knows how much I love straw hats, and every time we go somewhere warm, we always joke about how many hats I’m going to bring home.

“He saw [the neon pink hat in the picture of Mortimer that illustrates the story] on our recent trip to Mexico, and he instantly knew it was something that I would adore!”

An insider of the ex-couple — who lived in Chicago together and planned to stay there after they got married — that, “Scott was encouraging her to do Chicago-based things and Coupon Cabin as if they were together.”

But a source close to Kluth says that Mortimer has a contract to write the posts, and she decided what to write in them, not him.

As we previously reported, the businessman gave the socialite-turned-reality-star an ultimatum in 2019, saying he would marry her if she quit “RHONY.” She did, but Kluth didn’t keep up his end of the bargain.

Reps declined to comment.

Anna Sorokin’s artwork could get its own exhibition

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Could Anna Sorokin have a future as an actual artist rather than a scam artist?

We’re told noted artist and curator Alfredo Martinez has fallen in love with drawings the notorious fake socialite has posted on a website and is trying to reach her to mount an exhibition of her work.

Sorokin has posted several pencil-on-paper drawings to illustrate memoir-ish posts on the site. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they largely seem to feature themes of money, fashion and incarceration.

She’s also uploaded some to Instagram. She tagged the locations of the pieces as Albion Correctional facility, suggesting she created them while she was serving her time.

Speaking of which, Martinez and Sorokin would be an apposite team, since Martinez himself was also a briefly successful scammer. He served several years in a Brooklyn prison in the early 2000s for forging a number of Basquiats, and went on two hunger strikes while inside because authorities confiscated his jailhouse artwork.

According to New York magazine, Martinez has had his work purchased by designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and the Miami architect Juan Lezcano.

Sorokin was arrested in 2017 after fleecing friends and businesses out of some $300,000 by posing as a German hieress. She was released from prison in February.

Scott Kluth attempted to ‘communicate’ split to Tinsley Mortimer for months

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Tinsley Mortimer wasn’t blindsided by her finance breaking up with her, according to his pals — she just wasn’t taking the hint.

Sources close to Mortimer told us that the former “Real Housewives of New York” star was heartbroken when coupon king Scott Kluth suddenly ended their two-year engagement during a fight last Friday.

But sources in his camp said that Kluth has been “communicating” to the socialite-turned-reality-star that it’s over for months — but that Mortimer just wouldn’t accept it.

“Her perception of when they broke up is clearly different from Scott’s,” said an insider, “but Scott communicated to her that they were broken up months ago.”

On Friday we reported that Tins’ friends were furious because Kluth had gone through an endless cycle of breaking up with her and getting back together with her, but that when he proposed she believed he meant it — so much so that she quit the Bravo show and moved to Chicago with him. But then, they said, he was “suddenly … back to his old tricks again.”

When we ran the idea by Tinsley friends that Kluth had been trying to tell her, they said that if she was confused it was because of the “break-up-and-get-back-together cycle.”

“He would do that and then get back together with her,” they said. “It was ‘we’re together,’ then ‘let’s take some space,’ then ‘we’re not together.’ A real mindf–k.”

Added the pal, “This was the type of pattern he would do to her through the four years they were dating and now that she left her career and basically everything for him, she had no choice but to try and make it work and stick it out with him through this unhealthy pattern.”

As we previously reported, insiders say that the Coupon Cabin founder claimed to dislike the media attention that came with her job, and he gave her an ultimatum near the end of 2019 saying that if she quit the show, he would marry her.

Pals are furious that she agreed to the bargain, only to have Kluth fail to follow through on the proposal.

She was previously married to Topper Mortimer.

Mark Wahlberg launches ‘Gen Z production company’ with TikToker Josh Richards

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Mark Wahlberg is getting down with the kids.

We’re told the actor and Hollywood mogul is launching a “Gen Z-focused” production company with TikTok superstar Josh Richards.

Richards and Unrealistic Ideas — the production company led by Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson and Archie Gips — worked together to set up CrossCheck Studios, which will be helmed by Richards.

They hope it’ll become the “go-to production company for the next generation” and “internet-native creatives.”

“I would like to thank Mark, Lev and Archie for believing in a 19-year-old from a small town in Ontario,” Richards said when the project was announced.

“I am impressed with Josh and all of the things he’s already accomplished,” Wahlberg said.

Richards will be the CEO and his business partner Michael Gruen will be the president.

Tinsley Mortimer’s pals furious Scott Kluth dumped her after marriage ultimatum

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Pals of Tinsley Mortimer are incandescent with rage after fiancé Scott Kluth dumped her after forcing her to choose between him and her TV show.

Insiders say that the Coupon Cabin founder claimed to dislike the media attention that came with her job on “The Real Housewives of New York” — and he gave her an ultimatum near the end of 2019 saying that if she quit the show, he would marry her.

Mortimer agreed, and moved to his hometown of Chicago — only, we’re told, for Kluth to casually dump her last week without offering a reason.

“He tortured her. For years he would break up with her and get back together with her and break up with her again,” claimed one of Mortimer’s friends. “But when he proposed, she believed he meant it. She left her career, she left her livelihood, she left her home, and suddenly he’s back to his old tricks again and he called off the engagement.”

Added the friend, “He has a fear of commitment. He never had it in him to follow through with his promise to marry her. And he used her celebrity to promote his coupon company.”

We’re told Kluth dumped the socialite-turned-reality-star after a fight last Friday.

Meanwhile, the insider said that he sent a statement to People magazine, giving Mortimer barely any notice that the celebrity weekly was set to announce their split.

“So the guy who hates the press runs to People magazine,” sniffed the pal.

Kluth said in the statement, “After 14 months of engagement, Tinsley and I have ended our relationship and we have been living independently for the last few months.”

But the insider told us, “She didn’t want this.” They also said that the idea that they’d been living apart was misleading, because they’d both been traveling for much of that time. They said Mortimer was “blindsided” by the sudden split.

We’re told that Mortimer’s “head is still spinning” and she doesn’t yet know if she’ll move back to New York.

A spokesperson for Kluth said in a statement, “It is disappointing that during this emotional time for both of them, Tinsley is mischaracterizing the circumstances of their breakup, which happened months ago. As Scott has already said, he wishes nothing but the best for Tinsley and is seeking to recover emotionally and move on.”

Kluth proposed in November 2019 in an elaborate spectacle involving drones and a choir. They put their wedding plans on hold because of the pandemic.

She was previously married to Topper Mortimer from 2002 to 2010.

Johnny Depp’s team thinks Amber Heard’s alleged charity goof could turn the tide

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Johnny Depp’s camp thinks the embattled star may finally get a courtroom win — because his ex, Amber Heard, allegedly neglected to donate funds from their divorce to charity.

When ex-wife Heard bagged $7 million in their 2017 divorce settlement, she pledged to donate the cash to the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

But on Wednesday, it came out in court that Heard never handed over the money to the charities.

Now sources close to Depp think that the revelation could work to his advantage in trying to appeal another of his many legal battles.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star sued British newspaper The Sun after it branded him a “wifebeater” for allegedly attacking Heard during their marriage. He lost the case last July.

But he’s now trying to appeal the ruling.

Heard was a key witness in the original case, and a judge ruled the allegations made against Depp in the article were “substantially true.”

But sources close to Depp’s team told us this week: “The judge thought she was this wonderful human being standing up for mankind,” because of her supposed generosity, “but she was lying out of her ass [about the donations].”

At a hearing in London on Thursday to decide whether Depp can appeal, his lawyer called the claim about donating the money “calculated and manipulative lie.”

But lawyers for the Sun said that Heard didn’t lie, that she’d made “a number of payments already” and was just not done handing it over yet.

It also came out in court that Depp had sent a text to a friend at the time saying, “No Way she’ll give a dime to anyone!!! Thank f–k she’s gone!!! Makes me sick to think of how hard I tried to make it work … Now … Honestly, I wouldn’t touch that f–ing whore with a Hazmat suit on!!! What scum. I f–ing hate her!!!”

Reps for Heard and Depp didn’t get back to us.

Luann de Lesseps cast in Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ tropical spin-off

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Luann de Lesseps has been cast in the new tropical island spin-off of the “Real Housewives” franchise, Page Six has learned.

The show — essentially a “Lord of the Flies” reboot in which Bravo unwisely ships “Housewives” from various cities off to an tropical island to wreak havoc — is set to begin shooting in Turks and Caicos in April, we’re told.

The Blast has reported that the show will feature between eight and 10 women and will be shot over the course of a week, with all the cast members living in the same house.

The site said that “Housewives” including Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice from the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore from the Atlanta version and Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna from Beverly Hills were all being considered for the cast.

It also reported that Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan from New York were being considered.

Insiders tell us that more than one cast member from each city could be invited.

De Lesseps is on of the most enduring stars, having appeared as a full-time cast member on all but one of the thirteen seasons of “Real Housewives of New York City.”

It’ll air on Peacock, the streaming service of Bravo’s parent company, NBCUniversal.

Jennifer Lopez kept planning Alex Rodriguez wedding up until split

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Even though her relationship with Alex Rodriguez seemed to be falling apart at the seams, a hopeful Jennifer Lopez soldiered on with wedding plans regardless, we’re told.
As Page Six first reported, the pair — who got engaged in March 2019 — have been on the rocks for several weeks and finally decided to call off their engagement late last week. (Although they’ve since denied it, and say that they’re just “working through some things.”)
But an insider told us, “There were issues between them, but she was still sitting for fittings for [her wedding] dress last week.”
The couple had been forced to cancel their wedding twice because of COVID, but we’re told they’d been planning to finally get hitched later this year.
Sources told us that the five-year romance came to an end because reality star Madison LeCroy revealed to Page Six that she’d been FaceTiming with the former slugger.
“He’s never physically cheated on his fiancée with me,” LeCroy told us in February, adding, “I don’t want anything bad for his family, or for mine. We are definitely innocent in this.”
A-Rod’s camp said at the time, “He doesn’t know this woman.”
Either way, a source told us, “The Madison LeCroy scandal was the reason they finally broke up. There were already problems, but Jennifer was really embarrassed by it.”

Exes Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk take 3-year-old to Russian lessons

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Bradley Cooper’s putting the “da” in Dada.
We’re told the “Silver Linings Playbook” actor and ex Irina Shayk have such a cozy custody arrangement that they both take their three-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine, to a specialist school in the Financial District every Thursday where the tot takes classes in Shayk’s native Russian.
Shayk was born Yemanzhelinsk in the USSR — now in western Russia — but moved to the United States around 2007 when her modeling career took off after she became the first Russian to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.
Cooper and Shayk — who got together in 2015 — had Lea in 2017, but split in 2019.According to TMZ, they reached a custody agreement in January that called for both of them to live in New York City in order to co-parent together, even though Cooper had previously spent much of his time living in Los Angeles. The site said that they will split legal and physical custody 50/50, “although with work schedules it varies from month to month.”
TMZ also said they don’t have a formal, written custody agreement. “They’re so in sync with co-parenting, they don’t feel the need to memorialize it,” it said.
The model recently told Elle magazine that Cooper is “the most amazing dad” and insisted that — despite the split — they continue to be “parents” to Lea, rather than “co-parents.”
“I never understood the term co-parenting,” Shayk told the magazine, “When I’m with my daughter, I’m 100 percent a mother, and when she’s with her dad, he’s 100 percent her dad. Co-parenting is parenting.”
A rep for Cooper didn’t get back to us, and a rep for Shayk couldn’t be reached.

‘Say Yes To The Dress’ star suffers legal setback in Instagram account case

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

A judge isn’t buying Hailey Paige’s tearful plight.
As Page Six has reported, the beloved wedding gown designer and “Say Yes To The Dress” star broke down back in December, claiming that she’d been cruelly banned from using her own name and her personal Instagram account after the company that owns her brand filed a restraining order, forcing her to hand over the password.
But on Friday Paige was dealt a stinging legal blow when a Manhattan judge upheld the restraining order, saying Paige had no right to the account.
In the weepy Instagram video, Paige had told fans she was resigning from JLM Couture — a conglomerate that sells several bridalwear lines, including her own — and said, “I am mortified and devastated but I wanted to be the first to personally tell you that I am no longer posting or engaging on that account until this matter is resolved in court.”
She added, “JLM is demanding the right to permanently use my name in the promotion of their products, even after we’re no longer working together and they’re trying to prevent me from using my own birth name in any business whatsoever indefinitely.”
Paige also claimed that she had signed her deal with JLM at the age of 25 without a lawyer.
But on Friday, Judge Laura Taylor Swain wrote in a judgment that, far from being Paige’s “personal” Instagram account, she had “developed the Account within the scope of her employment with [JLM]. Using the Account to promote JLM’s goods was the kind of work she was employed to perform, as it was commensurate with her position as a lead designer.”
As for being banned from using her own name on her products in the future, an unsympathetic Judge Swain said that Paige “contracted away any right to monetize the [Hayley Paige trademarks]” and “voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently, in exchange for” money.

Michael Cohen cashing in on jail time with line of prison-themed merch

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen — who was infamously sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion and campaign finance violations — is cashing in on his jailbird past with a line of prison-themed merch.
His “Mea Culpa” podcast has produced several items, including a “get out of jail free card” and orange jumpsuits.
The suits can be personalized with name tags featuring customers’ names, or have a name tag reading, “45” — a cheeky reference to his former boss, the 45th president of the United States.
They start at $59.95.
Reached for comment, Cohen told us, “That was my favorite item we came out with.”
“Mea Culpa,” available on Podcast One, has featured guests such as Joy Behar, Ben Stiller and Stormy Daniels. 

Kellan Lutz and Brittany Gonzales welcome daughter after pregnancy loss

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Kellan Lutz and his wife have welcomed a daughter.
The “Twilight” star and Brittany Gonzales announced in September that they were expecting a child together. And on Friday, Gonzales revealed that the little girl — Ashtyn Lilly Lutz — had arrived.
The couple, who married in 2017, announced last February that they’d lost a baby seven months into a pregnancy.
But on Friday, Brittany wrote on Instagram that they’d finally become parents on February 22.
“The day she came into the world it was snowing, raining, and freezing, but that night she was born and we woke up to sun, clear skies, and winter melting away,” she wrote. “It was so symbolic considering this time last year was literally winter for our souls only to be met one year later with the brightest sunshine. She ushered in a new season for us and we love her beyond comprehension.”
She added, “God redeems. He restores. He never leaves us broken-hearted, we just have to give Him the broken pieces and what He turns it into? Wow.”

Floyd Mayweather’s multi-city birthday goes international with Aruba leg

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Floyd Mayweather’s never-ending birthday celebration has gone international.
After we reported that the champ had a party in Fort Lauderdale and another in Miami — which was shut down by cops — as well as a party on a yacht, one at a mansion on Star Island and a big dinner, all to fête his 44th birthday, we’re now told that Mayweather has now moved the celebrations on to Aruba.
Said a source on the Caribbean island, “He had a party on the beach [on Wednesday], the day before he took over a little private island and [on Thursday night] he took over a club.”
We’re told the ring legend — who seems intent on singe-handedly making up for all the partying that the world has missed out on over the past twelve months — has “a bunch of girls down there.”
We’re told that he’s staying in one of a group of luxury beachfront hotels on the northern end of the island which includes a Ritz-Carlton and Marriott resort and casino. Amazingly for a grown adult, the extended multi-country bacchanal apparently has a title.It’s dubbed “The Floyd Mayweather Birthday Experience.”
And quite an experience it’s been.
As we reported, the festivities began in Fort Lauderdale last Thursday, where he partied at a club with rumored fiancée, Las Vegas “head stripper” Anna Monroe, and guests including Rick Ross, Angela Simmons, N.O.R.E, and somewhat surprisingly, Joe Biden’s brother, Frank.
As we reported, on Sunday night cops shut down another of his parties, this time at hotspot Swan, after it stayed open past Miami’s midnight curfew because Mayweather had shown up late for the event. The venue was given a $500 fine for violating an emergency order.
He also had a private dinner last Friday, a party at a mansion on Star Island on Saturday, and a private yacht party on Monday.
Reps for the champ did not respond to requests for comment.

Trash tycoon busted for bribery has curious links to two Manhattan DAs

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Page Six hears that a Queens trash tycoon facing 15 years for bribery has some curiously close ties to a number of vastly powerful Manhattan District Attorneys.
George Kalergios pleaded guilty on Wednesday to paying kickbacks to a city college official to land a lucrative contract to collect the school’s trash.
But after his appearance in court, we were told that Kalergios has ties to both legendary Manhattan DA Robert Morganthau and his successor, Cy Vance.
Sources say that Kalergios was once an NYPD detective assigned to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Squad and was given the job of driving Morganthau.
If Kalergios — who left the force in 2010 — is to be believed, he and the boss got to be close during their spins around the city. We’re told the garbage guru often boasted to friends and associates about how pally he was with the DA, who prosecuted such legendary cases as Subway Vigilante Bernie Goetz, the Preppie Killer and John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman.
It certainly seems that he kept up his contacts in the DA’s office after Morganthau left in 2009. We’re told that Kalergious also co-hosted a fundraiser for Vance way back in 2010, along with two other supporters. Page Six covered the bash at the time.
A rep for Vance didn’t get back to us, neither did Kalergios or his attorney.

Madame Tussauds sends waxworks to fill empty seats at Peter Luger

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

With the return of indoor dining, celebrities are hitting the New York scene once more. Spies tell Page Six that Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon and Al Roker have all been spotted at Peter Luger lately.
Also seen at the legendary steakhouse: Audrey Hepburn.
Because reality is now just a barely coherent collective fugue state, Madame Tussauds has gone ahead and installed the strange cast of waxworks — including those of long-deceased stars like the the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” star — in the empty seats at the Williamsburg fixture while it’s operating at state-mandated 35% capacity for indoor dining.
“[We] thought this would be a fun, safe way to fill some of the seats that need to remain empty as we continue to fight the pandemic,” said Peter Luger vice president, Daniel Turtel.
So now you can enjoy your overpriced rib steak under the eerily distant gaze of “Jon Hamm.”

‘Outrage’ over makeup artist fired from Amy Poehler project in race row

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

The firing of a makeup artist from the buzzy new Amy Poehler project is causing ruptions in the TV world, we’re told.
Earlier this month, Page Six reported that the artist in question was canned from the “Untitled Tracy Oliver Project” — the new show from the “Girls Trip” creator dubbed the “Black Sex and the City” — for allegedly saying the N-word repeatedly in front of one of the show’s lead actresses, while singing along with a rap song. (We know both the name of the actress and the makeup artist, but we aren’t going to print them due to the sensitivity of the situation. The makeup artist is a veteran of many major TV shows and movies.)
Now Page Six is told that her peers are outraged that the artist was fired for using the word — especially, we’re told, because the makeup artist is biracial.
Adding to the ardor, we’re told the actress requested the song specifically, and also sang along until it reached the offending section.
We’re told the matter went to the makeup artist’s union, Local 798, but it decided not to take disciplinary action against her. (Various sources have told us either that the union made that call because it found no evidence of wrongdoing, or because it couldn’t establish exactly what happened because the actress and the makeup artist were the only witnesses, but the union didn’t respond to our request for clarification or comment.)
A source close to the makeup artist told us, “Others in the community are outraged because this woman did not deserve what she is getting right now. She is a good person facing an untenable situation where she really did nothing wrong!”
The show is being produced by Paper Kite Productions, founded by Poehler, who is set to host the Golden Globes for the fourth time on Sunday.
Reps for Poehler and the actress did not respond to our request for comment.

‘Karate Kid III’ actor hints at ‘Cobra Kai’ comeback

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

It sounds like another character from the classic “Karate Kid” movies could be making an appearance in reboot “Cobra Kai.”
Speaking on “FanRoom Live,” Sean Kanan — who memorably played bad guy Mike Barnes in “Karate Kid III” — hinted that he might be appearing on the Netflix hit.
Co-host Jae Benjamin asked Kanan, “What’s the future hold for Mike Barnes?” to which Kanan, “If I were to guess, [I’d say] you haven’t seen the last of Mike Barnes!”
When Benjamin pressed him on whether that meant he’ll be appearing on the fourth season of “Cobra Kai,” Kanan played coy.
“I didn’t say that exactly,” he said, “I said you probably havent seen the last of him.”

Luann de Lesseps had a sober coach while filming new ‘RHONY’ season

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Luann de Lesseps had a sober coach to help her stay on the wagon while filming the new season of “The Real Housewives of New York,” Page Six has learned.
In previous seasons, the reality star and cabaret queen had given in to the temptation to drink around her famously boozy castmates.
But we’re told that in recent months she’s made enormous progress in her battle with booze and was completely committed to maintaining her hard-won sobriety this time around.
Sources say that the de Lesseps worked closely with the coach, especially during cast trips which — as viewers of the “Housewives” franchise know all too well — often desend into debauchery and drama.
Meanwhile, like many people battling substance abuse issues, COVID has made the struggle even more difficult. Because a lot of other activities were off the table during taping due to the lockdown, we’re told, more scenes than usual took place in a bar, restaurant, apartment or other setting where drinking is normal.
“Most people in her situation would avoid bars and that kind of thing, but she didn’t have that option. It really made her nervous,” said an insider.
But we’re told that — with the season wrapped — she’s still sober.
“We’re really proud of her,” said a source, “She has a lot of support and works really hard.”
De Lesseps was charged with disorderly intoxication in 2017, and then arrested again for violating her parole by drinking against a judge’s orders.
Reps declined to comment.

Larry King’s widow, Shawn King, files papers contesting his will

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

On Monday Page Six reported that Larry King’s widow, Shawn King, planned to file court papers contesting his secret will. On Tuesday, her lawyers filed the documents in an L.A. court.
Larry, who died last month at 87, had filed for divorce from Shawn in 2019, and last week a “secret” handwritten will surfaced — which didn’t mention Shawn and left his $2 million estate to his kids.
But Shawn, 61, claims in the new papers that Larry’s ill health left him susceptible to “outside influence” and that he might not have even been aware he was signing the new will — plus, she says that when he died, he wasn’t even planning on going through with the divorce.
“Larry was highly susceptible to outside influences and at the time he purportedly executed the [new version of his will] was of questionable mental capacity, having recently suffered a stroke and about to undergo a medical procedure (and possibly already under the influence of pre-operative medication),” the papers read, according to the Blast.
She’s asking that a 2015 will — which she told Page Six had been made by Shawn and Larry “as a couple” with the help of a lawyer — be recognized as the true will and that she be named the executor of the estate, per that document.
He wrote the new version of the will about two months after he filed for divorce, but Shawn suggested in the court papers the estranged couple were on the verge of reconciling when he died.
“At the time of Larry’s death there was a divorce proceeding that had been pending for quite some time,” the papers say. “Larry was not pushing the divorce and was generally nonresponsive and refused to participate in the divorce proceeding. He gave no indication that he actually wanted to pursue a divorce.”
According to the Blast, Shawn claims the new will “violates the terms of two different post-nuptial agreements between herself and Larry.”
The docs also take aim at Larry’s middle son, Larry King Jr.
The Blast reports that Shawn is “accusing Larry of having a ‘secret account’ that he would make gifts to individuals using community property that she is entitled to, and that she claims to have receipts for over $266,000 sent to Larry King Jr. between 2013-2018.”
The site says she wants back 50 percent of everything he gave to Larry Jr. from the couple’s community property.
Larry Jr. has also asked to be named the executor of the estate, but Shawn’s filings say, “Larry indicated that he did not even know of [Larry Jr.’s] existence,” until the son was in his 30s. They add that Larry Jr. has “never been involved in Larry’s career or business, and it would be highly inappropriate to place him in a position of representing Larry’s estate.”
In the secret will, Larry said he wanted his estate to go to his five children, Andy, Chaia, Larry Jr. and Chance and Cannon, his two sons from his marriage to Shawn. Andy and Chaia tragically died within weeks of each other in 2020.

Nick Loeb’s Roe v. Wade movie will premiere at an Orlando hotel

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Since his days of escorting Sofia Vergara around Tinseltown’s most fashionable bashes, Nick Loeb has come a long way from Hollywood — literally.
Loeb sent out invitations to the premiere of his new anti-Roe v. Wade movie, and the flick won’t be getting its big debut at the ArcLight or Mann’s Chinese Theater or even the Westwood Theater, but at the Hyatt Regency hotel… in Orlando.
Loeb wrote, directed and stars in “Roe v. Wade.” We’re told he’ll be joined at the fête by other cast members including Jon Voight, Stacey Dash, Jamie Kennedy and Joey Lawrence.
Vergara and Loeb dated on and off for many years until they split in 2014, after which Loeb sued her to take possession of embryos they’d produced while they were engaged.

Larry King’s widow, Shawn King, to contest his secret will in court

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Larry King’s widow, Shawn King, tells Page Six that she was blindsided by this week’s revelation that he had a secret will that didn’t mention her — and she says she’s preparing to fight it vigorously in court.
She also believes someone pressured him to draw it up, she says.
On Thursday, press reports emerged saying that the legendary broadcaster — who died last month — wrote a handwritten amendment to his will in 2019, leaving his $2 million estate to his five children. It notably omitted his estranged wife.
“We had a very watertight family estate plan,” said Shawn, adding that they wrote the plan “as a couple” in 2015. “It still exists, and it is the legitimate will. Period. And I fully believe it will hold up, and my attorneys are going to be filing a response, probably by the end of the day.”
The legal situation surrounding Larry’s death was already complex. He had filed for divorce from his seventh wife, Shawn, in August 2019 — two months before the amended will was written — but he passed away before the split was settled in court. Also, the amended will names five of King’s children, Andy, Chiara, Larry Jr., and his kids with Shawn, Cannon and Chance — but Andy and Chiara both passed away in 2020.
Larry told Page Six before his death that he had become close friends with Shawn again after he filed for divorce, and Shawn tells us that they spoke daily. But she says Larry never told her about the amended will.
Asked why she believes he made it, she said, “It beats me!”
Shawn told us that Cannon and Chance, two of the three surviving heirs, were also unaware of the secret will, and were “shocked” to learn it exists.
She said that they support her legal battle against in. “They are not happy about this,” she told us.
Asked if she believes someone exerted influence on Larry to write the amendment, Shawn said, “Yes,” but wouldn’t elaborate.
She says that she doesn’t believe that Larry wrote her out of the will because he was sore after filing the divorce papers. “Based on the timeline, it just doesn’t make sense,” she said.
The estate is a comparatively meager $2 million, especially if it’s to be split between his survival heirs and, presumably, the survivors of his late son and daughter. When we asked why Shawn is going to war after being dropped from a will that would likely only have netted her around $300,000 anyway, she told us, “It’s the principle.”

Famous offspring launch social movement

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

It’s not so much a “Who’s who” as a “Who’s whose?”
Social activists with some of the world’s most famous names will show their love this Valentine’s Day by launching a campaign to support the Creative Visions Foundation.
The online event will feature music, poetry and film, from Julian Lennon, Rain Phoenix, Diva Zappa, Sting’s singer-songwriter son Joe Sumner, and Nelson Mandela’s grandson Kweku, plus Isabel and Grace Roosevelt, the grand-daughters of F.D.R. and Eleanor Roosevelt.
The campaign is named Hope Rising Global after a new book by Creative Visions Founder Kathy Eldon.
The event is set to happen February 14.

Wendy Williams puts out casting call for a new boyfriend

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

That’s one way to do it.
Wendy Williams has put out a casting call for a new boyfriend, Page Six is told.
Industry insiders got an email Wednesday morning from Fox producers saying, “Wendy Williams IS BACK ON THE MARKET! We are looking for fun men that can handle Wendy.”
The brave bachelors must be 40 to 65 and in the US, but otherwise, they say, “We are casting a WIDE net.”
The note also added, “This is not a joke.”
The deadline for submission is Feb. 11 — so perhaps the 56-year-old talk show queen is hoping to have found a date by Valentine’s Day.
One of the people who received the note told us that it went out to publicists whose clients might be interested in the romantic role, suggesting that they’re looking for someone “high-profile.” Added the insider, “not a schlub from the street.”
Of course, Williams was married to producer Kevin Hunter for two decades before their messy 2019 divorce. She’s since been linked to designer Marc Tomblin, but has denied they were dating.

Long Island clam bar will fête GameStop losers on Sunday

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

A clam bar is throwing a free Super Bowl party for New Yorkers who lost their shirts in the GameStop stock frenzy.
Small-time traders were just about ready to pick out the trim for their new private jets last month after the value of the beleaguered video game retailer was artificially pumped up by Reddit users. But the share price cratered this week, leaving many market dabblers out tens of thousands of dollars.
But we’re told Peter’s Clam Bar of Long Island is giving a free party on Sunday for those who lost cash, even renting a bus to transport them from NYC to the famed 80-year-old clam bar to watch the game.
Owner Bruce Yamali told us, “If you lost a lot of clams on GameStop, let me make it up with real clams.”

Ramona Singer parties at Mar-a-Lago after Bravo begged cast to stay home

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Ramona Singer’s grand tour continues — even while sources tell Page Six that Bravo has begged “The Real Housewives of New York” cast members to stay home to prevent the risk of further show shutdowns.
Last week we reported that Singer incurred the ire of show insiders by jetting off to St. Barts while production was on a forced hiatus because one of her fellow cast members had the virus.
Now Page Six has learned that Singer also swooped into Mar-a-Lago over the weekend — while hilariously continuing to post pictures on Instagram that made it look as if she was in her Manhattan apartment.
(She made quite an impession, incidentally. “She looks amazing. Legs of a 20-year-old. All the girls were saying how great she looked,” said a fellow guest at former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach pleasure palace.)
Last week a production source dubbed her St. Barts trip “so stupid,” and multiple sources say Bravo has asked “RHONY” stars to stay close to home in an attempt to prevent a third COVID shutdown. (It already closed down in October when a crew member caught the virus.)
“Producers asked them to stay in New York state, and they all bolted,” said an insider.
Luann de Lesseps, and a few supporting cast members, have also been spending the time off in Florida.
“[Luann] goes back [to New York] tomorrow and has to quarantine in Sag Harbor,” said a source.
Bravo declined to comment, and Singer didn’t get back to us.

Staffer fired from Amy Poehler project after N-word incident

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

It’s not the ideal start to a buzzy show about ambitious black women.
We’re told that the new Amazon show from “Girls Trip” creator Tracy Oliver — and backed by Amy Poehler — has already hit a most unfortunate snag, after a makeup artist was fired for allegedly using the N-word repeatedly on set, in front of one of the show’s lead actresses. (We know the name of the actress, but we aren’t going to print it.)
We’re told the makeup artist was quoting rap lyrics, but was “fired on the spot.”
Deadline described the show, which is currently known as the “Untitled Tracy Adams Project,” as a “comedy following the lives of four black women – friends from their college days at NYU – as they navigate sex, relationships and chasing their dreams.”
It’s produced by Poehler’s Paper Kites firm.
Reps for Poehler and the actress in question didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment.

Tony Robbins adapting Holocaust survivor’s book into a movie

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Famed life and business strategist Tony Robbins has landed the movie rights to Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search of Meaning.”
Robbins told the “Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn” podcast that he’s spent the last three years trying to acquire the rights, and is now working on a script.
“If you’re in a tough spot, go read that book,” Robbins said, explaining that Frankl was an Austrian Jew who was imprisoned in the German concentration camps in World War II.
“He stayed alive by studying what made certain people live, because you lose the will there, it’s an unholy place,” Robbins said, “he said that what he noticed was that the people who could find a reason even in their suffering, like they’re going to make it through this so they can tell the story so it never happens again… he said those people found a way to survive.”
He said that the book is relevant today, while people are stuggling to imagine a “compelling future” amid the pandemic.
He secured the movie rights in partnership with Straight Up Films producers Kate Cohen and Marisa Polvino and Viktor Frankl’s grandson, Alex Vesely.
It appears to be having something of a moment. Katie Holmes posted a picture of herself holding a copy on Holocaust Rememberance Day, with the caption, “this is such a beautiful and important book. Especially today.”

Mariah Carey’s ex-manager Stella Bulochnikov is mounting a comeback

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

She’s baaaack!
Stella Bulochnikov became a superstar to gossip connoisseurs when she toured the globe with Mariah Carey, leaving a worldwide whirl of drama behind them — and then endured a vicious public battle with the diva as their relationship collapsed.
Bulochnikov seemed to go into hiding after the war, but now Page Six has learned that she’s ready to step from the shadows.
We’re told Bulochnikov — who had a career as a TV producer before taking charge of Carey’s music career — is producing a show about, appropriately enough, “helping women in crisis get their lives back on track.”
The women in question, however, are not recovering from a run-in with the singer of “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” but rebuilding after life-altering events caused by the pandemic.
She’s working on it with “Basketball Wives” creator Shaunie O’Neal.
Bulochnikov started managing Carey in 2015, and set up her first international tour in over a decade, a Vegas residency, a deal for Carey’s blockbuster memoir, a US tour with Lionel Richie and made several business deals — not to mention her controversial reality show, “Mariah’s World.”
But Carey fired her in 2017, leading to a tangle of nasty lawsuits between the pair and various staffers.

Sushi by Bou in NoMad’s Hotel 3232 reopens by mistake, promptly closes

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

We thought there was something fishy about this.
A sceney New York City sushi restaurant announced to its loyal clients over the weekend that it would be throwing its doors open to diners, and then triumphantly reopened — by mistake.
The management of upscale chain Sushi by Bou in NoMad’s Hotel 3232 sent out a text to clients saying, “Hey Bous! Gov. Cuomo has approved orange zones for indoor dining, so we’re back in business [at our NoMad location]!”
While the Governor has said that the state will indeed be opening up some businesses in orange zones soon, the nearest orange zone to Sushi By Bou is on Staten Island.
And just on Monday Gov. Cuomo said, “The indoor dining in New York City is a New York City-specific condition and we’re not, at this point, contemplating any changes.”
But a rep for Sushi By Bou told us, “We misread the court ruling that allowed all restaurants in New York State to reopen. Unfortunately, we were unaware that New York City was not included in the court ruling so we wound up closing after one night.”
They added, “I guess new York City is not in New York. In any event, we remain closed and wait for approvals to open 3-6 seats of our huge 12 seat sushi bar.”

Ramona Singer spotted in St. Barts amid ‘RHONY’ COVID-19 production break

RSS NEWS Oliver Coleman

Ramona Singer has angered “Real Housewives of New York” insiders after jetting off to St. Barts — while the show’s shut down because a cast member tested positive for COVID-19.
As Page Six first reported, production was halted for two weeks, beginning in the middle of January. And with just days left before it could begin again, insiders are abuzz that Singer could be putting the whole thing at risk again by taking the impromptu vacation.
“It’s very stupid,” a production source sniffed of her trip, “Likely she’ll have to quarantine for a while when she gets back.”
It even appears that Singer might be trying to cover her tracks. The reality star, 64, has posted several pictures of herself in her New York City apartment to Instagram in the last couple of days, despite multiple insiders confirmed to Page Six on Tuesday she’s actually sunning herself on the island paradise.
One source spotted her at Le Petite Plage on Saturday night, and has also seen her out and about several times over the past five days after she flew over to the island from St. Maarten.
“She is telling people on the island that she is keeping it as secret due to her contract with Bravo, yet she is taking pictures with people on the island and flew in on a public plane,” the source added.
But, Bravo insiders told us that the network won’t have a problem with her jaunt, so long as she follows CDC guidelines — which say that she’ll have to quarantine for seven days after returning from the island, because it’s considered a “high risk” destination.
Meanwhile, New York State requires travelers going out of state to be tested within three days of their departure from their destination, a three-day quarantine after traveling and a negative COVID-19 test on day four of their quarantine to return to their daily lives.
A cast trip to Lake Placid was previously canceled because of the show shut down and now we’re told that producers were planning on replacing it — with a trip to Singer’s place in Southampton, New York. Production was also scaled back in October after a crew member tested positive.
It’s unclear when filming will resume, though we’re told the trip is scheduled for the second week of February. Singer could be in the clear to go in front of cameras if she leaves the island sooner rather than later and routinely tests negative.
Singer has previously been criticized for her travel amid the coronavirus pandemic, with co-star Leah McSweeney taking to her Instagram in June to slam her for going back and forth between Florida and New York. Singer told us at the time that she took necessary precautions to ensure her safety and the safety of others.
She also stated that she tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies in July.
Meanwhile, show insiders are so on edge about COVID further interfering with filming that cast member LuAnn de Lesseps was forced to defend herself after being snapped maskless at a party last week. She told Page Six, ““I took the mask off for some photos. Knowing everyone had tested negative, I felt comfortable doing that.”
Singer did not immediately get back to us.