CDC Mandates Masks on Planes, Public Transportation

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The CDC has issued an order requiring travelers to wear a mask on public transportation in the U.S., echoing an executive order by President Joe Biden shortly after he took office.

The CDC order takes effect Monday. It states passengers on airplanes, trains, buses, subways, ships, ferries, taxis, and ride-shares must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth while getting on such vehicles, during the ride and while getting off.

Additionally, people must wear masks on the premises of transportation hubs such as airports, train, and subway stations, bus and ferry terminals, seaports and ports of entry. Masks must stay on while people await, board, travel, and disembark public transportation.

Biden’s executive order issued Jan. 21 already mandated masks on certain modes of public transportation such as commercial aircraft, trains, and ferries. The president also mandated masks on federal property.

The CDC order prompts drivers, conductors, and crew members to only transport people who are wearing masks.