Couple’s Child Has Deadly Cancer Gene Thanks to IVF Clinic’s Screwup, Lawsuit Says

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Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Courtesy of the Diazes

Jason and Melissa Diaz thought they were giving their future child a shot at a healthy life when they opted for in vitro fertilization over natural conception. But according to a new lawsuit, what they got was nothing short of a disaster.

The California couple both carry genetic mutations: Melissa for BRCA-1, which predisposes carriers to breast cancer, and Jason for CDH1, which carries an elevated risk of stomach cancer.

Jason found out about his mutation in the summer of 2018, when he developed diffuse gastric cancer and was forced to undergo a gastrectomy—a full stomach removal—when chemotherapy did not work. The life-altering procedure prevents patients from digesting food normally and causes chronic gastrointestinal pain, among other debilitating side effects.

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