David Chang’s Famed Restaurant Momofuku Makes a Chili Crunch Oil That’s Universal Perfection

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Despite having a near iron-clad constitution, impervious to the ill effects of consuming spicy food, a popular chili crisp oil brand wreaks havoc on me. I wanted to love it but also found the flavor to be too specific; sesame oil and other ingredients give it a distinct flavor that limits its usefulness for a variety of dishes. So, fueled by my love of spicy condiments, my search went on to find the perfect, universal chili oil–until I found Momofuku’s.

The famed restaurant chain founded by celebrity restaurateur, TV and podcast host David Chang has been quietly making Chili Crunch oil and ramen noodles. Chang trained at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, then worked with various cuisines before launching his first noodle bar. Inspired by classic Chinese oils but also the zing of Mexican hot peppers, the brand says that the recipe took ten years to perfect. “With three types of Mexican chilis, crunchy garlic, and shallots, Chili Crunch is the perfect balance of spicy and crunchy.”

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