Ellis Brooklyn Launches the Most Feminine Modern Chypre Yet

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Ellis Brooklyn’s FLORIST fragrance just launched, the newest fragrance from the popular clean perfume house. The brand is a relative newbie, yet it has amassed a sizable following in just a few years. The founder’s unsuccessful quest to find clean perfumes while carrying her first child is what inspired her to launch the brand, and she truly hit the mark for all of us longing to smell pretty without the resulting chemical hangover.

While I’ve loved a few Ellis Brooklyn scents, FLORIST is the softest, most feminine light chypre I’ve smelled in a long time–and I’m a scent snob. The fragrance has been on daily rotation since getting my hands on a bottle in advance of the launch. Not to date myself, but FLORIST’s giving throw-back vibes–like when you were young and maybe a virgin (or pretending to be), and felt super girly, romantic, and wore Paris by YSL before you had your heart really broken. But FLORIST is no teen-dream floral; it’s a grown-up scent with exquisite tuberose and pear notes that recall for a fleeting moment—a Brooklyn market with colorful fresh flowers and ripe fruit on display. It’s accented by a subtle hint of bubblegum, but not the saccharin or gourmand type. The sweetness is perfectly balanced by earthy cedar and bergamot citrus.

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