Forlorn Forlini’s Fans Can Buy the Art of Shuttered Cult New York Restaurant

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Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Photos Courtesy of Forlini’s Restaurant

When New Yorkers caught wind that Forlini’s, a bustling Italian restaurant in Chinatown favored by downtown sophisticates, was permanently closing its doors in March, grieving patrons flooded their timelines with fond remembrances.

Plans to shutter had been in the works for years: the Forlini family bought 91-93 Baxter Street, the building that housed their restaurant, in the 60’s. In 2020, 91-93 Baxter was listed at $15 million, and the restaurant’s owners said they’d close Forlini’s in the event of a sale, which finally took place this year in a deal with an unnamed buyer. For Forlini’s diehards, forewarning did little to soften the blow.

Now its art is up for sale: on the restaurant’s website, 32 artworks that once adorned the walls, including landscapes, provincial domestic scenes and a portrait of the Forlini brothers, are available for purchase.

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