Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Hits Cruz for Throwing Daughters ‘Under the Bus’

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Fox News, and Sean Hannity in particular, have been very hesitant to criticize Senator Ted Cruz’s decision to abandon his freezing constituents in Texas and seek refuge at a resort in Cancun. When the network finally reported the news for the first time on Thursday, they accepted Cruz’s excuse that he was merely doing the “fatherly” thing by accompanying his two young daughters to Mexico.

But when Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace appeared Friday morning on Fox’s local station in Dallas, the tone was a bit different.

Laughing to himself, Wallace said, “People also take a little bit of delight in seeing politicians who have attacked other politicians for leaving the scene—and Ted Cruz has done that plenty of times himself—and now suddenly he’s caught.”

“The one twist, the Cruz twist in this, is I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a politician who blamed his 10 and 12-year-old daughters for his bad decision,” he continued. “Throwing them under the bus was a unique twist.”

In return, local Fox 4 Dallas anchor Tim Ryan joked that Cruz’s wife Heidi is “very smart, powerful and makes more money than he does, so he best not throw her bus, that would be very unwise.”