George Santos Finally Files 2024 Statement of Candidacy

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Truth-averse Rep. George Santos (R-NY) on Tuesday filed a statement of candidacy for the 2024 election, leaving the door open for a re-election run.

Santos hasn’t said publicly whether he’s running, and Tuesday’s move, which occurred on the final day allowed, does not mean he’s made a decision.

However, congressional members are required to file these documents to keep their campaign committees running—in Santos’ case, Devolder-Santos for Congress.

Last month, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) informed Santos that since he had raised more than $5,000 post-midterms, he would need to declare his intentions for 2024 by March 14. This meant Santos was required to either “disavow,” in writing, all fundraising and spending activities, or “redesignate” his principal campaign committee with a statement of candidacy.

The address Santos listed for the committee is that of his sister’s apartment in Queens, New York. But not only is the residence outside of Santos’ district, his sister vacated the property in January after not paying rent for more than two years, according to New York State Supreme Court records.

Santos, who has been widely reported and parodied on late-night talk shows, has made false statements about everything from his education to his work experience to his participation in collegiate volleyball.

He has also been accused of stealing money from veterans, masterminding a credit card scam, and chased votes by falsely claiming to be Jewish.