Glowing, Hydrated Skin Starts With This Non-Toxic Cleanser From OSEA

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There may be people who can get away with using regular soap as a face wash, but I’m not one of them. In fact, my skin needs a different cleanser based on the season or how much makeup I wear on any given day (or if mercury was in retrograde?). Finally, I found a gentle cleanser that works year-round, neither dries my face nor causes a reaction, and is effective at removing makeup. All that, and it smells like heaven.

Made by OSEA—a California-based company creating non-toxic skincare inspired by the ocean, enter the Ocean Cleanser. The pale green gel is infused with calming seaweed and botanicals selected for their unique benefits. It’s made with essential oils including lime and jasmine, which must be why it smells so dreamy.

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