Haven’t Bought Shoes in a Year? Make These Your Next Pair

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Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Scouted/Huckberry

Scouting Report: The Tyler Chukka isn’t just a stylish shoe, it’s a sturdy one, too. Made with full grain-roughout leather, and an expertly crafted outsole, these shoes are comfortable, and up for just about anything.

For the first time in over a year, I went shopping for shoes. And I couldn’t have been more excited. Well, ok—I bought shoes last year, but you could hardly call them that. I feel like shoes weren’t so much a style choice last year as they were just a simple necessity—something I needed to throw on my feet, not something I really wanted to. And so my style suffered a bit, but I’m glad to report, I just found a pair that has taken it back, and even beyond where it once was.

Not only are these the most stylish shoes in my closet right now, they are also the most comfortable. Perhaps the best part of the Tyler Chukka is this: they come pre-broken in and they mean it. So while I was expecting to get blisters the first time wearing them, or needing to allow them to stretch out, they are broken in and ready for just about anything from day one. The upper is made from a full-grain roughout leather that’s soft to the touch, yet rugged. I’ve put these through the ringer and they’ve remained unscathed and unscuffed. The outsole is the perfect combination of cushion, durability, and slip-resistance. Each step feels like a dream, and the shoe has a nice rocking motion with it as well. But the real thing to note is how beautiful they are. The silhouette makes the shoes perfect for more casual looks and more dressed up ones (ones I’m finally getting back into wearing). Because of how breathable they are, they are great for warmer weather, but I’m planning to wear these into the winter as well. They are my new favorite shoe—plain and simple.

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