How Llama Blood—Yes, Llama Blood—Can Protect You From COVID

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Don Mason

Aside from the vaccine, one of the biggest reasons we’ve seen a drop in COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic is because of the development of effective treatments. Doctors and nurses are better equipped to help patients who come in with a serious case of the virus, shortening hospital stays and alleviating pressure on a strained medical system. And, as time passes, better and more effective treatments are being discovered—and sometimes in very surprising places.

That’s the case with some new research led by a team at Mount Sinai Hospital who discovered a strong “super-immunity” particle in llamas’ blood. Yes, you read that correctly: llamas’ blood. The same creatures known for chewing cud, spitting at tourists, and being voiced by David Spade.

In a study published today in the journal Cell Reports, the researchers found evidence that tiny immune molecules in llamas known as nanobodies could help develop an inhalable antiviral drug for COVID patients to serve as a fast-acting treatment to the pandemic. Moreover, the research suggests that it protects against every COVID variant—meaning we may have a future-proof treatment that will remain effective as the virus evolves.

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