I Wish I Had Bought This Coffee Mug Sooner

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In the morning and regardless of temperature, I love a hot cup of coffee. I have the way I brew my coffee down pat, but keeping it hot is a whole other issue. It feels like by the time I actually get around to drinking the coffee, it’s ice cold. Maybe I could harness a few sips, but for the most part, that was about it. I’ve tried insulated mugs and cups, and while they work, they’re not my favorite mug to drink out of. And besides, they would actually keep the coffee too hot, so that I couldn’t drink it for a while, and then when I remembered I had coffee, it was already lunchtime. Recently, I decided to try out a relatively new product—one I’d heard about from others for a while, but was always too skeptical to try. All I can say now is, I wish I had made the switch sooner.

The Ember Mug 2 is the best piece of technology I’ve acquired in the past five years. Unlike insulated mugs, which just keep your beverages scaldingly hot, Ember aims to exact the perfect temperature for your beverage and keep it there. It can do so for an hour and a half. The mug itself isn’t insulated, but is instead powered by a rechargeable battery. The charging station even looks like a coaster, which is a very nice touch and makes a great addition to my desk. The mug connects to your phone via Bluetooth, where you can adjust the temperature and set it to your liking—mine is set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (not to brag or anything but that is 5 degrees warmer than the recommended 135 degrees). And the results are well worth it. Every sip isn’t too hot or too cold — I kid you not, actually, for real this time, it is jusssst right.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

As for the mug itself, it looks like it’d be somewhat flimsy. At least, I thought it was going to fly out of my hand because of how light it looks. But this is another one of Ember’s charms. It has a really nice weight to it (due to the giant battery in the bottom). I love the handle, and there is a nice elegant glow that shows you whether or not the mug is at the right temperature or working its way there (you can even change the color of this in the app).

I wish I had made the switch to the Ember much sooner. Nowadays, my coffee is always hot, I’m always caffeinated, and best of all, I’m no longer pouring any of it down the drain. Instead, I find myself with an empty cup, just wishing I had more.

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