I’d Do a Split In These Shorts (If I Could Do One)

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Scouting Report: Alo Yoga’s Repetition Shorts aren’t just the stretchiest ones I’ve ever come across, they are stylish, moisture-wicking, and comfy as can be.

It’s harder than you might expect to find a pair of exercise shorts that are up for anything. It’s also harder when for the past year and a half, I didn’t care how they looked. But now that I’m going to the gym again, style is important and so is substance. I can’t be wearing baggy basketball shorts everywhere, can I? No, I can’t. Thankfully, I recently discovered that Alo Yoga makes some of the best, coolest looking shorts I’ve yet to come across.

Repetition Shorts

I love Alo Yoga’s Repetition Shorts for one reason: they are the stretchiest shorts I’ve ever tried. Most shorts are stretchy, don’t get me wrong, but many of them reach their limit before I do (and I’m not even very flexible). I love these shorts because I could do the splits (if I could do the splits) and they would still have room to give. Beyond being stretchy, they are extremely comfortable, too. The waistband is sturdy yet has some give—but not enough that it collapses—and the liner is form fitting yet comfortable, to ensure I’m not limited. It also doesn’t rise up, ever, which is a major plus in my book. The shorts are moisture wicking so even if you get all sweaty, they stay dry, and have a little pocket in the back, perfect for storing a credit card if you’re going on a run but want to grab a smoothie right after.

In short, these shorts are where it’s at. I can do yoga, rock climb, run, bike, hike, just about everything in them. And they look good while I’m doing it, too. There’s nothing I love more than a piece of clothing I can wear again and again, and Alo Yoga’s Repetition Shorts are just that.

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