Inmate Humiliates Russia’s Shadow Army by Casually Taking Cab Home

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Spencer Platt/Getty

Prisoners recruited by Russia’s Wagner Group to fight in Ukraine seem to be increasingly realizing they’ve been duped, and that no one ever counted on bringing them back alive.

One inmate recruited by the group back in November has absconded from his team in Ukraine’s Luhansk region and fled to Russia by bus and ride-sharing app, where he says he is now hiding out in fear of revenge.

“We thought we’d be equal with the hired fighters, that we wouldn’t be any different, but in reality they just make assault teams out of the inmates, and that’s the meat [in the meat grinder]. But there’s already no going back there, if you refuse to do something they will immediately off you,” Nikolai Troshkin told the independent outlet MediaZona on Wednesday.

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