Jennifer Coolidge’s ‘White Lotus’ Italian Fantasy Is the Pinnacle of Television

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Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/HBO

Jennifer Coolidge has sent us all on a mission. It’s not simple, but would we expect a mission from The White Lotus queen herself to be easy? Never.

Tanya (Coolidge) and her new husband Greg (Jon Gries) are settling down in Sicily for their first day on the dreamy Italian island. With steaming plates of pasta, enough champagne to fill the Nile Mediterranean, and a gorgeous coast right at their fingertips, Greg asks Tanya what she wants to do on their first day together.

Not only does Tanya have a plan, she has a whole Italian fantasy lined up for them. Get this woman a job in travel planning. Clearly, she can string together an itinerary in no time, because at breakfast, Tanya runs through the whole shebang.

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