John Fogerty Reveals How Creedence Clearwater Revival Got Its Bayou Sound

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“I destroyed all the outtakes. That’s why there aren’t all sorts of bonus tracks and things from Creedence,” John Fogerty tells me.

That certainly explains why, while there are an astonishing seven studio albums that were released during his iconic band Creedence Clearwater Revival’s brief existence from 1968-1972, and countless greatest hits compilations, there are no “lost songs” and just a handful of live releases.

That’s what makes Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall all the more special. The live album, and Netflix documentary and concert film, both out this weekend, find the band that soundtracked the Vietnam War era, and whose songs have appeared in films from Blade to The Big Lebowski, in fiery form (a Super Deluxe Edition is out November 14). In fact, when Creedence stepped onto the stage of the venerable Royal Albert Hall, it was just four days after Paul McCartney had announced he was leaving the Beatles, making the California rockers arguably the biggest band in the world.

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