John Slattery Takes ‘The Good Fight’ on One Last Acid Trip

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Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

There are countless things that people have turned to in order to help them cope with the darkness and stress of the world over the last several years, But none of these methods seem to be as effective as being microdosed by John Slattery.

The Paramount+ drama series The Good Fight has spent six seasons grappling with the surreality of the world post-Donald Trump’s election, from the Black Lives Matter movement to the rise in political extremism to the pandemic. Its characters, like all of us, attempted to find stable footing amidst the chaos, hope amidst the crushing trauma, and a modicum of justice and accountability amidst a culture gone reckless.

The first of the show’s final two episodes premieres Thursday. (Its title: “The End of Democracy.”) Over its run, the series has displayed a dexterous ability to bottle the unease and overwhelmed feelings many of us have been experiencing. Watching those storylines has been a tonic for Good Fight fans, who have found it soothing to see not just the ludicrousness of real-life events dramatized, but also a reflection of their own relationship to that madness.

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