Keep the Sand Off Your Snacks With This Picnic Table

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Scouting Report: The Nice C Folding Table is the table you didn’t know you needed at the beach—it’s portable, easy to set up, and makes picnics a breeze.

The only thing I love more than eating is eating outside. So after surviving the long, cold New York City winter, I’m ready to jump at the first signs of summer. Now’s my chance to turn my gloomy indoor lunch into a festive picnic at the beach or my local park. But for a girl who loves dining al fresco as much as I do, I absolutely despise getting sand, grass, or any other outdoor element in my food and drinks. I already know what you’re thinking, high-maintenance, much? So you can imagine how excited I was to discover the Nice C Folding Table.

NiceC Folding Table

This portable table is the perfect addition to any picnic or beach brunch. It weighs less than four pounds, making it easy to transport along with all of your other goodies. And when you arrive at your outdoor destination, it doesn’t disappoint. The metal legs and anti-slip feet keep the table sturdy through even the wildest get-togethers. And it has a host of neat nooks and crannies to keep your food, drinks, and personal items safe from the sand and dirt on the ground.

The Nice C Table has a cup holder in each of the four corners, making it ideal for stashing your sodas, beers, or other valuable items while you swim or sunbathe. If you don’t want your chips to get knocked over when you make an epic dive for the volleyball, the 11×8 center cut-out is the perfect place to stash a bowl of your favorite snacks and keep them from becoming lunch for the seagulls. But the awesomeness of this portable picnic table doesn’t stop there. It has an insulated cooler cubby underneath that keeps the rest of your drinks cool while you chill.

The table is waterproof, so spills are no big deal. And when it’s time to pack up the party, the Nice C Table folds easily and fits into the lightweight carrying case that comes with it.

I plan on squeezing in as many picnics and beach days as possible before the summer ends, and I have to trade in my white pants for a parka. The Nice C Folding Table is my new mandatory summer accessory, right up there with sunscreen and rosé.

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