Lee Pace Was the Only *Really* Hot Guy in the ‘Twilight’ Movies

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Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Summit Entertainment

As we get older, we all hopefully gain a perspective about ourselves and the world around us. We might come to see our lives as part of something much bigger than ourselves. Problems that once seemed insurmountable might become the punchlines in our favorite stories. And the dudes who once seemed like the hottest stars of the movies we watched? They might suddenly seem utterly forgettable in the presence of Lee Pace.

I’m talking, of course, about the show-stopping finale of the Twilight saga, Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part Two. The movie that dropped a closing combat scene so absurd that Marvel could never dream of replicating it. The surreal cinematic masterpiece that gave us that very weird laugh from Michael Sheen. The cultural milestone that, somehow, turns 15 years old today.

If I’ve gained any perspective in this life, it’s the ability to say this: Once Lee Pace sauntered on screen in Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part Two, we no longer lived in a world where the question was, “Team Edward” or Team Jacob”? Once Lee Pace arrives, we should all be screaming, “Team Garrett!”

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