Makeup Artists Used This Affordable Self-Tanner on Set for the New ‘Barbie’ Movie

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Scouted/The Daily Beast/Isle of Paradise.

I’ve done everything in my power to avoid the sun’s wrath in recent years. Whereas I once laid in UV-laden tanning beds and fried on the beach wearing sun-absorbing baby oil, I’ve learned to embrace the safer side of achieving sun-kissed skin in my older years, even if that means getting my glow from a bottle.

Thankfully, sunless tanning products have dramatically improved in recent years. Though these over-the-counter products once left you looking blotchy, uneven, and just plain awkward with their mysterious, often-haphazard results, today’s most innovative tanning products are creating ethereal, enviable tans that look healthy, natural, and downright gorgeous.

Even A-list celebrities are rocking sunless-tanning products, including your residential dream beau, Ryan Gosling. Tanning specialist Kimberly Nkoski, who worked as a tanning expert on the highly anticipated Barbie film (premiering in 2023), used the vegan, cruelty-free, and affordable brand Isle of Paradise to create Gosling’s Barbie-inspired glow for his role as Ken in the film. If a product works well enough to make Gosling look even more dreamy than he already is, it’s definitely worth researching.

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