Making Pasta Just Got Even Easier Thanks to This Amazon Sale

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When I’m not ordering from a restaurant, or eating at a restaurant, pasta is my go to. It’s pretty easy to make—all you need is a pot and a colander. But the colander, I’ve found so often goes missing, takes up a ton of space, and can be annoying to clean. Thankfully, this is on sale right now to make pasta night even easier.

Snap On N Strain Strainer

38% Off

This snap on and strain strainer fits any pot in your kitchen, and snaps on with ease. All you do is put it on, tilt the pot over the sink, and pour out the water. The pasta (or potatoes, veggies, whatever you’re cooking) stay in the pot, guarded by the silicone strainer all the while. It’s easy to clean, takes up practically no space at all, and has made cooking pasta an absolute breeze.

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