Meghan McCain: ‘My Mother’ Is the ‘Only Example’ of Biden Bipartisanship

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The View’s Meghan McCain has seamlessly shifted from relentlessly invoking her late father to referencing her well-known mother, lamenting on Wednesday that Cindy McCain is the “only example” of the Biden administration’s efforts at bipartisanship.

Having been mocked online for consistently reminding viewers that she’s the daughter of late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), the View co-host once again went down that route on Tuesday, invoking her dad in order to bash U.S. Olympian Gwen Berry’s flag protest.

“I know it’s very triggering for people and people get very upset when I talk about my dad, for whatever reason, which is why I really stopped doing it on the show unless it’s really meaningful to me,” she warned the audience before mentioning her father’s time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

During a Wednesday morning interview with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the conservative co-host turned to invoking her mother.

“Secretary Pete, we have spoken previously on this show about your willingness to go on Fox News, and reach across the aisle and why you thought it was so important, which was something I always admired about you,” she noted.

“This administration has promised an emphasis on bipartisanship but so far the only real example has been my mother, who has just been named a U.S. Representative to the U.N. Agencies for Food and Agriculture,” McCain continued, highlighting her mom’s recent nomination by the White House. “She’s honored and very excited for her job.”

McCain applauded Buttigieg for personally trying to reach across the aisle before asking the former South Bend mayor if he was “disappointed” with the supposed lack of bipartisanship from the White House and whether he expected more Republicans to join the administration.

After saying he was “honored” to serve with Cindy McCain, who he called a “great American,” Buttigieg then brought up the recent infrastructure deal as one example of President Joe Biden working with Republicans.

“I also want to say though, you want to see bipartisanship, look no further than the moment a few days ago when the president walked out of the Oval Office with Republicans and Democrats at his side, and announced that they had come to terms on a $1.2 trillion vision for the future of American transportation infrastructure,” he declared. “That is not something that happens every day under an administration of either party.”