Murdaugh Saga Gets Even Weirder With New Drug Trafficking Charges

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Joshua Boucher/The State/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Alex Murdaugh, the suspended South Carolina lawyer accused of an astonishing array of criminal activity, is facing yet more charges, including drug trafficking.

The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office announced Tuesday that Murdaugh and Curtis Smith, 62, had been indicted on two counts of criminal conspiracy including a narcotics count related to oxycodone. Smith, a distant cousin and alleged co-conspirator in Murdaugh’s infamously botched assisted-suicide plot last September, is also facing money laundering, forgery, and additional drug trafficking charges.

The indictment alleges that Murdaugh and Smith used hundreds of illegal transactions “to facilitate the acquisition and distribution of illegally obtained narcotics” in several counties in South Carolina. It took place between Oct. 7, 2013, and Sept. 7, 2021, when the pair and “other persons known and unknown to the Grand Jury,” allegedly conspired to purchase and distribute oxycodone, the indictment says.

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