My Five-Year-Old Daughter May Not Survive Your Refusal to Wear a Mask

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Choose life. Wear masks.

My wife and I decided to choose life and have been wearing masks even after the CDC prematurely, and foolishly, told the fully-vaccinated they could stop wearing them back in May. While many of you might complain about the annoyance of wearing a mask at grocery stores or at the gym, we have to constantly worry about the survival of our immuno-suppressed daughter, Nusayba. Her health is always at stake, and much more so due to the reckless ignorance and arrogant entitlement of my fellow Americans who still mistake selfishness for freedom and have decided to embrace the virus over masks, vaccines, and other life-saving measures.

While millions in this nation are choosing death, Nusayba is a Stage 4 cancer survivor and a liver transplant recipient who had to fight to celebrate her recent 5th birthday. She is just one of millions of Americans with a compromised immune system, thus making them fatally susceptible to COVID-19. As I wrote in May before the latest surge, it remains to be seen if fully vaccinated individuals with immuno-compromised systems will produce enough antibodies to ward off the virus, which is why whenever you choose to wear a mask indoors, you’re choosing to protect not only yourself, but also vulnerable people like my daughter.