My Pandemic Pup and I Are Going Back to Normal Thanks to This

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Scouting Report: Furbo is more than just a camera. It allows me to ensure my puppy is behaving herself and give her treats via an app if she is. It also allows me to capture videos and sends me alerts if I need to check in on things back at home.

Getting a puppy halfway through the pandemic was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love my dog, and it has been great to have some company throughout this difficult time. But now that things are headed back to normalcy, and my eventual return to the office is approaching, it’s time to go back to a life she isn’t used to: being alone. I’ve been going out to dinner more, working in coffee shops, and just leaving her alone at home more, and I’ve been anxious to do so. I worried she’d have separation anxiety (I know I do). Thankfully, I found the perfect tool to help make the transition a little smoother.

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo might just seem like a camera, but it really does so much more to ease my (and hopefully my dog’s) anxiety. Being able to connect to the camera via an app on my phone is nice—this way, I’m able to open it up and check up on her whenever I want. I can also throw treats at her—I just swipe up on the screen and Furbo discharges a treat. I could understand if some dogs wouldn’t like it—but my dog loves this. Beyond these fun features, Furbo also alerts me if my dog is up to something (instead of just usually sleeping). Whether this means she’s biting furniture or just repositioning herself, I can tell her to stop remotely, which is a helpful tool. Best of all though, Furbo is able to capture and record videos of funny things that your dog may be up to (i.e. the other night, she battled a fly and it may just be the best video I have of her to date).

In short, Furbo is more than just a camera and it has really helped me get out into the world and enjoy it. I’m no longer worried if my dog is sad, bored, or lonely at home. Instead, I can just check on her and feel peace of mind. It has made transitioning back to reality easier than I ever could have hoped for.

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