Of Course Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams Is Absolutely Perfect

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Netflix has finally unveiled the first look at Jenna Ortega as the Wednesday Addams in her new series, and from the looks of it, the scream queen has put her all into the gothic brat. In a crisp 15 seconds—go girl, give us nothing!—Wednesday introduces us to the beloved titular character. Yes, Netflix made this debut on a Monday. At least we didn’t have to wait two more days.

There’s so little to actually describe about Ortega’s debut; still, it’s perfect. I have no critiques, other than the fact that I’ll have to wait a few months to watch this blessed(/cursed) series. Ortega appears in an eerie spotlight, looping her thick black hair into two neat braids. Then, she adjusts her collar, and is joined by The Thing atop her shoulder. They snap. That’s a wrap!

The little details here prove that Ortega might just be a firm challenger to Christina Ricci, who has already been tapped for an unknown role in the new series. Ortega’s Wednesday sports slick black fingernails, walks without swinging her arms, and her long bangs reach the very tips of her eyelashes. A perfectly creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky rendition of an already iconic character.

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