OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

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The Azure Villa, Turks and Caicos (Vrbo): The Bahamas are back in business, baby! Well, back for all those who are vaccinated or those who can flash a negative COVID test at the proverbial door. This is great news for our hankering to travel, which has also returned with a vengeance. And what do our poor, tired souls crave? White beaches, palm trees, and sparkling blue water as far as the eye can see.

We like our expensive island vacation rentals to provide only a semblance of shelter. This is open-air living at its finest. While there are plenty of luxurious bedrooms to claim for your beauty sleep, we prefer to shack up in a hammock with a view.

Welcome to the best room in the house, which features a giant infinity pool, a steamy hot tub, and your very own slide to splash down. Add in a few Instagram-worthy neon pool floats and you have the makings of a chic water park in your very own backyard. (It’s a sign of this rental’s decadence that a discussion of the luxurious water features doesn’t even need a mention of the great salty pool beyond.)

Is it just us or is the brilliantly azure Atlantic Ocean best viewed from the brilliantly azure confines of your personal freshwater ocean?

There is a special name for much-needed respites from the water when you’re hanging out in the islands. These sun breaks are officially known as piña colada time.

Throw the fresh catch of the day on the outdoor barbie for a guaranteed dinner party winner. Or, better yet, hire a private chef to throw the fresh catch of the day on the outdoor barbie and enjoy sunset cocktails without worrying that you’re burning the evening’s main course.

It’s always good to be thoughtful about who you invite on your vacation, especially when you’re staying in a house this striking. For instance, if you include any guests of the theatrical persuasion, you may be forced to endure a recreation of Romeo and Juliet’s famous balcony scene over and over again in this two story wrap-around living room.

Interior design is so much harder on the beach where you have to make sure your chosen decor pairs well with the stylings of the great outdoors on display out the window…or out the entire side of the house in the case of this retractable wall.

It’s easier to decide on the biggest question of the day — do you dine inside or outside? — when the walls open up and lets the outside comes in.

While we are all for romantic vacations with just you and your one true love, it is a little hard to justify a tête-à-tête when you’re staying in the Azure Villa. There are five bedrooms ready to accommodate a whole crew of guests in plush luxury. Luckily, this home is big enough to escape the crowds if you need a little time away from your chosen fellow travelers.

The most important feature of any vacation rental is the napping spots. Gently sway in the breeze while listening to the waves crashing into the shore below and we’re sure you will quickly catch up on all the sleep you missed while in the throws of pandemic insomnia.

En-suite bathrooms are basically a requirement when you’re vacationing at this level of taste and sophistication (aka, big money). But even more important are the private balconies where you can get caffeinated in the morning (aka become human) before facing your fellow house guests.

The five bedrooms are paired with five bathrooms which means no jostling over mirror space when you and your crew are getting ready for a five-star dining experience in your own backyard.

You’re in the Caribbean where it is obligatory to enjoy at least one island waterfall.

The Azure Villa is located in a private enclave that, of course, has a private beach only accessible to the community’s residents. When you’re ready for a salt-water frolic, take the gratis snorkel gear out for a spin and check out the barrier reef just off the beach.

All vacations must end, so we’re told. But we won’t judge if you take a lesson from the pandemic and extend your time in Turks and Caicos to a full year. Where’s the line between holiday and residency? Who cares!

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