OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Sydney, Australia

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Courtesy Vrbo

Sutherland, Darling Point, Sydney, Australia (Vrbo): When it comes to staying in a boutique hotel or buying your forever home, anything brand spankin’ new has a certain appeal. The most modern amenities, carpets that haven’t been trampled on by hundreds of feet, and the trendiest decor are all very attractive features. Choosing to rent a fabulous holiday home, on the other hand, generally equates to finding a place that’s charming and a bit lived in. Unless you’re renting Sutherland, that is. This property is both a vacation home and a gleaming new build that has all the impeccable design chops that you normally equate with big dollar signs and a mortgage.

Stepping inside the home and taking a tour of the grounds at Sutherland is often one and the same. In many areas like this living room, the inside and outside seem to bleed into one, which is really our perfect real estate environment. Here, you get to feel like you’re living in nature, without the option for climate control and without the threat of getting rained on.

Look at this beautiful kitchen! If you’re like us, you will opt to dine- or take-out every night of the week and blame your laziness on the fear of messing up the gorgeous piece of art that is this room. (As if you needed an excuse! )

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