One Anti-Woke Parent’s Complaint Could Cost This Professor His Job

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Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/PBA

Dr. Samuel Joeckel’s 20-year English professorship at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBAU) currently hangs in the balance. It took just a phone call from a student’s parent—displeased with what their child was learning during the racial justice unit in Joeckel’s Composition II class—to imperil his long career at the private Christian college in Florida.

As Joeckel described to The Daily Beast, he left his classroom on Feb. 15 to find the school’s provost and dean waiting outside the door. The three stepped back into the room where the administrators informed him that, pending a review of the material used in the racial justice unit, his contract renewal was delayed to mid-March due to a student’s parent accusing him of “indoctrinating students.”

In the days that followed, Joeckel described this interaction in an Instagram post and went public with his concern that he “may very well be fired”—a rational fear, considering that, according to PBAU employee resources, the school does not offer tenure and its faculty face the ever-present threat of contract nonrenewal.

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