‘Problemista’: Julio Torres and Tilda Swinton Spin Wackiness Into Hilarious Beauty

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When the lights went up at SXSW’s world premiere screening of Julio Torres’ directorial debut, Problemista, viewers were already fluttering out of their seats before the post-credits applause ended. But not because they were anxious to exit the theater—far from it, in fact.

Audience members were champing at the bit to ask Torres and the impeccable cast questions about the film they just saw, which was, to say the least, quite unlike any other. Those thoughts proved difficult to articulate for the nervous audience members at the microphone during the post-screening Q&A. But one response from the cast seemed to define Torres’ indescribable ride with divine wisdom.

Leave it to Tilda Swinton—who stars alongside Torres in the film—to be the sage. The two actors were asked what shape they felt like after the premiere (a nod to Torres’ HBO comedy special, My Favorite Shapes). Swinton took the mic and said with supreme confidence: “Pure color, no shape.”

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