Russell Brand’s Rant About MSNBC, Rachel Maddow Goes Viral

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A clip of a histrionic Russell Brand on Real Time with Bill Maher went viral on Saturday—in which the comedian, who owns multiple multi-million-dollar homes, accused political analyst and fellow guest John Heilemann of hypocrisy for criticizing Fox News from “within the castle of MSNBC.”

In the two-minute clip, a shouting Brand maintained that MSNBC was fundamentally no different from Fox News. All this, he loudly insisted, contrasts with the “real journalism” of National Security Agency consultant-turned-Russian defector Edward Snowden and former RT host Julian Assange.

Talking over Heilemann’s attempts to answer his criticism, Brand asserted that both channels are merely “mouthpieces for their affiliate owners in Blackrock and Vanguard,” naming a pair of controversial investment firms.

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