Secrets of Bravo’s ‘Below Deck: Adventure’: Chief Stew Faye Clarke Tells All

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Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty/Bravo

Talking with Faye Clarke is a wild experience. Every four or five minutes, she will casually mention another country that she lived in, in another part of the world, while working a completely different career from the one she is doing now. Of course, that’s what probably made Clarke so suited for that current job, the one we met to talk about: as chief stew on the current season of Bravo’s Below Deck: Adventure.

Below Deck: Adventure is the latest spinoff of the network’s hugely popular franchise. Each series chronicles the exploits of the deck crew, service crew, and captain of luxury yachts, as they juggle the demands of temperamental guests with their own interpersonal conflicts.

Like its predecessors, Below Deck: Adventure features plenty of booze- and hormone-fueled drama among the crew. But the show also lives up to its name. These aren’t leisurely charters around the sun-soaked Mediterranean. The superyacht Mercury is navigating the fjords of Norway, with all of its stunning landscape and unpredictable weather. Its crew also isn’t just providing guests with jet skis and a waterslide; they’re going spelunking, hiking, ziplining, and cycling down hairpin turns of a steep mountain.

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