Sexy One-Piece Bathing Suits To Turn Up the Heat at the Beach

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Once upon a time, wearing a one-piece bathing suit meant slipping into a swimsuit that was completely utilitarian. Meaning, it covered as much as possible to keep everything in place while swimming in the beach or pool and was usually somewhat unflattering. But those days are gone. Now, you can find actually sexy one-piece bathing suits for women that are a far cry from their clunky predecessors. They’re a tad bit more sophisticated than your average two-piece bikini, without giving up the sex appeal.

Design elements like high cuts at the thigh (think ‘90s-era Baywatch vibes), cleavage-baring and plunging necklines, and underwire to give your girls a subtle lift, all ensure that you’ll look as amazing as you feel while working a sexy one-piece bathing suit. In fact, some sexy one-piece bathing suits on the market right now even feature special features to help smooth and contour the body while enhancing your natural curves.

Ready to give your go-to bikini a break this summer? Reach for one of these sexy one-piece bathing suits that’ll give you a sleek profile without hiding too much of your assets and prepare to turn up the heat.

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