SNL’s ‘Fox & Friends’ Confuses Rupert Murdoch for Alex Murdaugh

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Just days after Rupert Murdoch’s unsealed deposition in the Dominion Lawsuit revealed that the Fox News mogul could have easily stopped his most MAGA-fied hosts from pushing Trump & Co.’s 2020 election fraud lies—“but I didn’t”—Saturday Night Live’s version of Fox & Friends aimed, shot, and fired straight at the media mogul—once they got their stories straight.

Steve Doocy (Mikey Day), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner), and Brian Kilmeade (Bowen Yang) beamed in from their studio in New York City (“What a cesspool!,” sneered Kilmeade) to discuss, among other things, Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion lawsuit against the network.

While it’s been going on for years now, each of the hosts seem somewhat surprised to learn about it—albeit each of them for different reasons. While Kilmeade was disappointed, given how much he loves “da Minions” with their little overalls and love of bananas, Doocy attempted to clarify the details of the case. Earhardt chimed in to make it known how closely she’s been following all of what’s going on, and how much she disagrees with the legal proceedings.

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