Sustainable Products the Editors of Scouted Use and Love Every Day

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Being conscious of your own carbon footprint is a great way to give back to the earth, to the brands trying to save the earth, and to yourself. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the things the Scouted editors love that just so happen to be part of a sustainable initiative like recycling ocean plastic or using sustainable business practices.

The Clean Essentials

makes my personal favorite cleaning supplies. They send you three bottles and three different tablets. Just plop the tablets in the bottles and fill them with water, a voila, a more sustainable option to cleaning products.

Wool Loungers

The Allbirds Lounger, made from sustainably sourced Merino wool, is a shoe that I wear in so many different situations. It’s my universal footwear for running errands around the neighborhood or even getting brunch on a particularly hard-to-wake-up weekend morning.

Cloud Comforter

Scouted Contributor Wendy Rose Gould says if “your bed were a Key Lime Pie, Buffy would be the creamy meringue topping.” Unlike traditional down, the fill is made from recycled plastic water bottles. Yet somehow, it’s one of the most comfortable comforters out there.

Starter Kit Bundle

Scouted Contributor Jessica Booth says Stasher bags are the best way to store and even cook your food. Think of them like plastic bags, except reusable, and microwave and dishwasher safe. They even have ones that can stand up in the fridge, so they can be used as food storage, too.

Women’s 3-Pack Organic Cotton Socks

Scouted Contributor Jana Cholakovska loves these socks. Not only are they made from soft organically grown cotton, and easy to wash, they are also untreated with any dyes or chemicals, making them more sustainable, too.

Freewaters Slippers

Scouted Contributor Jana Cholakovksa only wears these slippers. They are made out of sustainable vegal wool and leather, and best of all, are fashioned to last. The brand also donates 1% of net sales towards funding clean drinking water projects.

Five Two Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags

Get rid of those grocery store green bags forever. These produce bags make grocery shopping a little more sustainable, and best of all, they are great for helping make your produce last a little longer too.

The Napper Weighted Blanket

Scouted Editor Jillian Lucas thinks this is out there. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, it’s made out of organic cotton, which uses less water, and is free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetics, and artificial softeners.

CAPMESSO Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Capsule

Scouted Contributor Jamie Brown says she won’t drink coffee out of anything but this. It’s no secret that K-Cups aren’t great for the environment, and traditional Nespresso pods aren’t great either. These stainless steel pods are reusable, and you can fill the, with your own ground espresso, to make the perfect blend.

Bee’s Wrap Set of 3

Scouted Contributor Sara Hendricks writes that these wraps will replace plastic bags and wrap forever. They are perfect for wrapping up half-eaten sandwiches, pieces of fruit, and best of all they are washable, so you can use them again and again.

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