The First Week of Jennifer Hudson’s Talk Show Was a Bonkers Blast

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Erica Parise/Warner Brothers

There was a moment in the first 10 minutes of the premiere episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show where I, skeptically watching from my bed, started clapping. And not just clapping, but some good old hooting and hollering as well. Sitting on her set’s large sectional couch, Jennifer grabs a fuzzy pink blanket from behind her, drapes it across her lap, and continues to talk. There I was, sitting under my duvet with a second blanket around my shoulders and wrapped around my entire comically large noggin, feeling more seen than I ever had in my entire life.

Jennifer Hudson prioritizes what is known in my house as “cozy time”—aka covering yourself in as many blankets as possible and turning the AC down to a cool 67 degrees. After meeting a kindred cozy-time spirit, I lowered my wall of doubt (the same one I have with any new talk show) and gave in to whatever Jennifer had in store for me.

But the blanket was only just the beginning. Over the course of five days, I was treated to a marvel of strange and exciting choices from our multi-hyphenate powerhouse host. What I expected to be the latest flop in a string of failed talk show attempts by everyone from RuPaul to Jerry O’Connell was actually a pleasant surprise that was as amusing as it was gratifying.

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