The Fitbit Luxe Is a Tracker You’ll Enjoy Wearing All Day

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Scouting Report: The Fitbit Luxe packs all the features you’d like from a wearable tracker — step counter, pulsometer, and more — and slims it down to a fashionable, sleek package.

After spending a lot of last year not paying too much attention to my body, I decided it was time for me to do something about it. I had toyed with the idea of getting an Apple Watch, but my wrists are small and I felt like it would take up a lot of real estate on my arm. That’s when I got word of Fitbit’s newest wearable, the Luxe, which gives you all the connectivity you want, in a slimmed-down package.

Fitbit Luxe Wearable

What I love about this wearable is that it doesn’t look or feel like one when you’re not using it. It fits nicely on my wrist and practically looks like a fashionable watch, especially when I swapped the original silicone band for the gold bracelet style in collaboration with the jewelry brand Gorjana. As someone who barely ever wore bracelets, I’ve gotten used to wearing this one incredibly quickly. Because the screen size is more of a thin rectangle (a classic feature that Fitbit excels at), it isn’t clunky or overbearing. I just double-tap the screen to wake it and swipe through its capabilities. I can check my pulse, or how many steps I’ve taken. I can get notifications from my phone and even set alarms to remind me to drink water, plus it’s swimproof so I can track how long I’ve been in the ocean on my upcoming vacation. It also lasts up to five days without charging, which I can attest to, as I’ve only had to give it juice once since getting it. While I love that it will remind me to get up and move (something I’ve needed even more now that I’m working from home), I do wish it had the same ability for drinking water.

My favorite part, by far, is how it helps me manage my stress. Guided breathing, mindfulness minutes, and other stress management tools are included (plus you get 6 months free of Fitbit Premium). It’s truly an all-in-one tracker that fits into anyone’s lifestyle, even someone who never thought they’d get into wearables like me.

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