The Same Brand That Makes My All-Time Favorite Boxers Also Makes My New Go-To Swimsuit

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At any given time, I own about five or seven pairs of SAXX boxer briefs. I’m not sure of the exact count, because when a pair wears out, I tend to replace it with a two-pack, so the numbers are always in flux, but usually trending toward a surplus. Why am I so loyal to this brand’s underwear? It’s a pretty great story, really: I like them a lot, so I stick with them. Storytime over.

Now to the swimsuit story. I only own one SAXX suit, a seven-inch OH BUOY suit, because it has shown no signs of wearing out even with pretty heavy use last summer, both in pools and lakes and saltwater. The reason I will, however, replace this suit with another from SAXX once it rips or fades or goes drifting off down the stream (ideally ripping or fading will be the issue) is the same reason I love their boxers: the Ballpark Pouch.

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