These Boardshorts Are Dry in Seconds and Perfect for Summer

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Scouting Report: Eddie Bauer’s Amphib Shorts are quick drying, sun protecting, stretchy, stylish—need I say more?

A good swimsuit is hard to come by, and since I haven’t worn one for over a year, I was in a hurry to find a good one quickly. This summer, I’m hoping to jump in as many pools, lakes, creeks, rivers—anything with water in it—as possible. It’s already unbearably hot, and so I couldn’t be more thankful that I already found the perfect swimsuit for the summer.

Amphib Shorts

Eddie Bauer’s Amphib Shorts have literally turned me into an amphibian (okay maybe not literally). For starters, they are extremely comfortable, as they’re made out of a polyester and spandex blend that is lightweight and perfect for sweltering days. The spandex adds a stretch that I feel like other board shorts lack—I could actually do the splits in them (if I could do the splits to begin with). They are extremely quick drying too, which is an often overlooked feature for a swimsuit. After all, who likes sitting around the pool in sopping wet shorts? But more than that, they also have a 50 UPF rating, which helps keep my legs from getting burned to a crisp—a reality that happens all too frequently to me and my fair skin. And they look cool, too—they come in four different colors and have unique details to help them stand out, but not too much.

But I think why I really like them is this: I don’t need to be going swimming to wear them. No, they are comfortable enough to wear down the street or around the house. And if it just so happens that I end up jumping into a pool, and I happen to be wearing them, well, then I guess some people might call that fate.

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