These Everlane Shorts are Easing Me Back Into Denim

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Scouting Report: These denim shorts have an elastic waistband, making them perfect for transitioning back to wearing normal shorts/pants.

Working from home every day has made me completely averse to any clothing with zippers, buttons, or structure. Pair that desire for comfort with a little bit of quarantine weight gain, and you have the recipe for someone who has worn the same pair of ratty sweatpants pretty much every day for a year (it’s me). But as the weather warms up, and social gatherings seem to be on the horizon, I needed to find a pair of shorts that were cute enough to wear to an outdoor hang out, but comfortable enough that I could sit down and actually eat a meal in them. So, I finally swapped my sweats for a pair of Everlane’s Easy Shorts, and I honestly shudder at the fact that I ever wore denim shorts without an elastic waistband.

The Easy Jean Short

Unlike classic zip-and-button denim shorts, the Everlane Easy Short features a high waist fit, a super stretchy elastic waistband, and an actual relaxed fit around the leg. As someone with thick thighs, most denim shorts just squeeze my legs, ride up, and get looser around my waist throughout the day. I often find myself uncomfortable while wearing shorts, constantly having to pull them up around the waist and down around the thighs to keep my bottom half looking PG. The Easy Shorts banished these problems for me: the looser fit around the thighs, longer hem, and thick waistband that stays in place creates a trendy “mom short” effect, all while keeping wedgies at bay. They also have side pockets that are deep and loose enough to fit my phone — a rarity in women’s shorts. I like to cuff the bottom once for a shorter flirtier look, but they’re just as stylish unfolded, too.

But the real star of the show here is the thick elastic waistband, which I could rave about indefinitely. It offers the kind of support around my tummy that a good pair of high waisted leggings should, but it doesn’t slip down, doesn’t squeeze my stomach when sitting, and gives some really flattering definition around my waist for that hourglass figure.

I went with the Deep Sea denim color, which is 100% cotton and surprisingly thick, which I found keeps the structure even after a long day of running errands around the city. I love that they have the weight and feel of regular denim shorts, with a way more laid-back fit. The Easy Shorts also come in 100% cotton dark wash denim, plus a few other fun colors made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane.

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