These Shoes Are Easing Me Back Into Running Again

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Scouting Report: These running shoes are perfect for running long distances, and even better for those of us who have been sitting on the couch for the last year.

I am trying to run as much as possible this year. I just want to enjoy being outside, breathing fresh air, kicking up dust. I haven’t run in a little bit—a combination of winter weather and well, the pandemic had me stalled out. But I’m back into the sport, and I couldn’t be happier I picked up these running shoes just in time.

Women’s Clifton 7

Men’s Clifton 7

The Clifton 7’s are Hoka One One’s signature long distance running shoe, which is perfect for me, since I’m not trying to win any olympic medals for the 400 meter dash. The shoe is designed with a little heel bevel which helps keep my foot in place. It also features support on both sides so I don’t roll my ankle, and an outsole that provides responsive cushioning so it feels like I’m running on marshmallows. Okay maybe not marshmallows, per se,, but more like on a track, no matter where I am. This helps my knees out a ton, especially if I’m running long distances. Each step is incredibly stable, so much so that I can focus on just running — and enjoying my run — instead of my form. There is a new Meta-Rocker technology as well, that helps ensure I land on my heel and press off on my toe. In short, the shoe worries about my form for me, so I don’t have to. The shoes are, as always, incredibly beautiful, too. They are running shoes I want to wear everywhere, not just when I’m running, which is always nice.

Hoka One One makes a great pair of running shoes and the Clifton 7’s are no exception. They are perfect for getting into running after sitting on the couch for a year, and are suitable for more seasoned runners who are looking to complete a half, or even full marathon in the coming months. I think I’m gonna give it a go.

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