They Tried to Overturn the Election—Now They’re Coming to a Ballot Near You

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Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

As America slouches towards the midterms, diehard Trump supporters—“folks who not just believe the Big Lie but were actually involved in trying to subvert the 2020 election”—are vying to get on ballots for positions that could allow them to influence the next presidential race.

This week on Fever Dreams, hosts Will Sommer and Sam Brodey talk to Jessica Huseman, editorial director for Votebeat, on the hyper-local battles in Nevada, Colorado, Michigan and elsewhere that could end up being critical for swing states in 2024. And although some Stop the Steal nutsos were weeded out in recent primaries, “just because these people didn’t win for these roles doesn’t mean they won’t continue to have influence in the Republican party in their states,” Huseman says.

“There are just so many—I mean, hundreds of county-level officials with a lot of power,” Brodey adds. “I guess the worst-case scenario for a lot of people is, come 2024, whether it’s, like, a governor or even, like, a county-election clerk and a key county, if we’re looking at the sort of margins we saw in 2020—10,000 votes in Georgia, or however many in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania… all it takes is one county-level official to cast doubt on the results… and all of a sudden you have a huge crisis.”

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