This Chair Folds Up to The Size of a Water Bottle With Ease

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Scouting Report: Not only is this chair lightweight and easily to assemble, but it folds up to the size of a water bottle in just five seconds.

Whether I’m at the park, hanging around a campsite, or sitting on the sand at the beach, I always wish I had a chair with me. While it’s not necessary, I always think it would be nice, but perhaps not worth the hassle. Well, I recently found a chair that is so hassle free, I’ve started bringing it with me everywhere I go.

Cliq Chair

The Cliq Chair is perhaps the greatest thing I’ve added to my life in recent memory. I’ll get into the chair itself in a moment, but get this: the whole thing packs down to about the size of a water bottle. That’s right, instead of lugging around a hefty beach chair over my shoulder, I can carry this thing in my backpack or tote with ease. To expand it, you just flip the legs open, pop them into place, and suddenly, there’s a chair that can support up to 300 pounds. It’s just as easy to put away, too. All you have to do is press a button on the bottom, pull the legs in, and secure the velcro strap around everything. It’s basically magic.

And as far as chairs go, it’s stable and comfortable. I’ve tried rocking it, jumping up and down in it, and kicking my feet up and it didn’t fall or bend back into it’s smaller shape once. While I do wish it had a cupholder on at least one side, I can live without it—especially since it makes getting to and from the park with a chair easier than I ever thought was possible.

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