This Is the Only Thing Keeping My Dog Busy While I'm on Zoom

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Scouting Report: Forget all of the other toys I have for my dog, this one keeps her occupied for as long as I need her to be.

Sometimes, it feels like my dog is the only one who misbehaves during Zoom calls. And then I call my mom. No but for real, my dog is a little bit of a disaster. She just wants attention, to play, but during the workday, and especially when I’m on a Zoom call, I can’t be that for her (sidenote: she also has Zoom fatigue). I’ve tried toys and treats, but recently, I got her this, and I wish I had gotten it way sooner.

Lickimat Tuff

The Lickimat isn’t a dog toy—it’s a lifesaver, and I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that. Unlike other toys that you can put food in or around, like Kongs, I like how this stays flat and for the most part, can be kept in its designated area. It even has pads on the bottom that help keep it in place on my wood floors, so my dog isn’t just pushing the mat around the entire house. The inside of the mat kind of looks like a waffle—it has all of these grooves where treats and spreads can be hard to reach, which helps entertain them for hours.

To use it, I just slather it with peanut butter if I’m in a rush, or if I’m thinking ahead, I even mix together her kibble with some pumpkin and pop it in the freezer overnight. This, I’ve found, keeps my dog entertained for hours. One of my favorite things about the mat is how tough it is. We’ve had it for a few weeks now and even though my dog is able to chew and rip through practically any toy, this one is fairly impenetrable. The mat is also dishwasher safe, making it a breeze to clean.

The mat is my go to no matter the occasion—if my dog is being a little monster, I pull out the mat, if I have an important Zoom, the mat comes out. Afterwards, she is tired and satisfied, and I can actually focus on my work all day long.

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